The three blonds get a reality check! -Warning broken 4th wall (:<-

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(America's Pov)

I was sitting in my boss's office, watching him pace the floor. I looked at the ground not wanting to be here but Germany and the other nations sent me back to America, Francis back to France, and Iggy to England. We are all getting scolded by our bosses for what we did to Canada.

If I see Canada again I'll try to be better!! Wait why should I do better! I'm the Hero! It should be him apologising to me for getting us into trouble with our bosses when we did nothing to him!

~Warning a -not so- innocent American wall breaks~


My boss and I looked up to see a girl wearing black leggings, a black X-large Hogwarts hoodie that went down to her mid thigh. Her fiery blue eyes were behind red rectangular glasses- glaring at me-, her shoulder length dirty blond hair was pulled back to a small ponytail. She held a hockey stick and looked more scarier than Russia in the Cold war.

"Oh hello Miss FandomLover, what brings you here?" the President asked.

She smiled sweetly showing her perfectly straight white teeth, then glared at me.

"I'm here to take America to my 'Special' room for.... refinement.... or whatever the word is that I'm thinking of..." FandomLover said, looking at the roof for a moment before shrugging.

My boss nodded, I then saw that I was being dragged away by the familiar Canadian.

"Wait I don't want to go with you!! You Crazy Kid!!"


"I'm not a Child, you brat!!!" She growled at me.

I froze in fear.

"One Hoser down two more Hosers to go!" She cheered.

(England's Pov)

I was standing in front of my Queen as she looked at me with disappointment. I didn't feel ashamed about what I did to my colony, the queen let a soft sigh pass into the empty air.

"Arthur, what pushed you to hurt Matthew? This isn't like you at all Arthur... I'm very disappointed with and your actions." She scolded.

I was about to respond when a knock echoed through the room.

"Come in!" the Queen called out.

The door opened to reveal a girl with a pressed black dress pants, black high heels, a black button down long sleeved shirt with a collar and a black bow tie( I love black and other colours).  Her hair was straightened and had a dark blue headband that help show off her side bangs, red rectangular glasses didn't do much to shield me from her cold glare. There was anger in her blue eyes that made me shiver in fear.

"Hello Queen Elizabeth,.... England." She greeted the Queen with kindness and spat my name.

"Oh hello my dear, what can I do for you to day?" my boss greeted, a soft smile on her lips.

"Well I would like to take England here to my 'Special' room to... teach him a lesson on messing with my country." The girl said, a dark gleam was in her eyes.

My boss looked at me and I could tell that she was thinking about the offer.

"I don't think you have the right kid." I spoke up.

The girl smiled at me but I could tell that it was forced.

"Oh you must be Miss. FandomLover, Oh then of course you can take Arthur here." 

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