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"That was very pleasant, certainly a change from our usual day to day duties

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"That was very pleasant, certainly a change from our usual day to day duties." Elaine's soft voice filled the cold meadows as they trotted back towards their campsites.

Victoria smiled happily, "yes well I think it's important we take time to visit the commoners. Like you said, they don't care to be involved when King's go to war. I wanted to assure they were all well before we depart."

Victoria had taken her two closest confidants to the nearest village in the following days after battle, they'd left early in the day and spent the morning talking with the villagers and hearing of their complaints or not. The town had been welcoming and surprisingly upbeat despite the violence that had happened not far from them. They however were now Stark territory and it seemed like the Lannisters hadn't looted them terribly. After a few hours and the sun beginning to dip Trout had warmed her it would be better to leave and now they came upon their campsite, soldiers looking up and bowing their heads to the future queen.

Commander Monterroso walked up to her horse and extended a hand, helping her off the mare as she landed and smiled. "Lady Valiente, I assume it was a nice time."

"Yes," she has respondes cheerfully. "With your help we weren't even detected by any spies of commoners, it was nice to see the lives we effect. You know, I'd like to do this more often."

"You'll make a beloved queen," he hummed back. Monterroso trailed his eyes from the lady toward Elaine who was being helped by Trout from her horse, she seemed to be getting better and as she landed with slightly more agile abilities her eyes looked his way and smiled. The blondes cheeks tinted with a bright pink and his heart warmed slightly.

"Where is the King, and the Lords? Have they already began eating? Or are they discussing more war?" Victoria asked as she began to walk back into the camp while one of the squires took her horse and led him to the makeshift stables.

Monterroso swallowed thickly, paling slightly as he looked to find the right words for it. "The King has taken a walk—with one of the nurses?"

Victoria paused and looked at him, raising a brow and coldly questioning, "one?"

Monterroso knew exactly what she was asking, his lips pulled into his mouth and he finally admitted, "the same one, My Lady."

Victoria attempted not to breathe angrily, like her blood wasn't boiling and finding Robb wasn't the first idea to come to mind. He was walking a very thin line these days, and that women—well she wasn't exactly helping. The future queen knew this would be a possibility, who wouldn't want a son by a king? Noble born or not a bastard was treated well from a Stark, and now that he was King? Well that child would certainly be kept in comfort.

She turned her back towards the camp and looked at her most loyal of companions, "do you have information on her just yet?

"Not much, Lady Valiente, she is of foreign decent, Commander Monterroso has explained likely from Volantis. And judging from her ability to read, write, and pronunciation of words is likely from a family with a proper name." Trout explained, feeling himself frustrated at the sheer lack of knowledge he'd acquired.

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