Chapter 14 Be-sparkled clowns

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Chapter 14

I weighed my options again- It wouldn't do any harm to try. I decided to try Louis first- He was the one with a bunch of sisters, right? I knocked on his door.

"Come innn!" He sang.

I rolled my eyes and opened it.

"CLAUDY! What a pleasant surprise! Please, come in!" He said, and I backed up, slightly creeped out.

"Um, I'll go ask Harry...," I said, turning around to leave. I heard a thud and felt something attach to my leg. I pivoted to find Louis on the floor, hanging onto my ankle with a death grip.

"No! Ask ME!" He whined.

"Fine, um," I said, stepping out of his grip, "You dont' happen to have any, uh, makeup that I could borrow?"

"Wait, what?! You expect ME to have makeup? Out of all the other lads?! Love, I'm a guy!" He turned and shuffled through a drawer, "How flattering! Here ya go!" He handed me a sparkly black bag.

I would never understand guys, let alone him! "Please tell me this is your sister's..."

"It was, originally. Now it's mainly used on the other guys while they're sleeping," He said and I laughed, "You wanna use some now?" He asked, with a mischievious glint in his eye that I didn't catch at first.

"Yeah, I really need to use- Oh! You mean on the guys!"


"Okay, let me just put some on first so I look pretty!"

He sighed and shook his head.

"What?" I asked.

"Love, my girlfriend is a model..."

"Oh, uh, good for you!"

"What I'm saying is, well, um, you're, uh, quite stunning, and, um, if Ellie could be a model, so could, uh, you."

Aw! He called me pretty! Right? "Um, thanks!" I said, I'll be back in a minute. I've gotta go do my makeup and make my hair SPARKLE!"

He shook his head and chuckled as I skipped out.


When I was done doing my hair and make up (Louis had a very nice selection, actually!), I went back to Louis' room. I knocked on the door, and it was swung open by a very excited Louis, wearing a striped grey and white t-shirt, red skinny jeans, and bright red TOMS, along with purple suspenders.

"How do you wear skinny jeans? It's June!" I said. It was June 8th, to be exact. It was the last day of school back home. Daisy was probably really excited.

"It's a lot colder here than you'd think," He said, taking the bag from me, "Let's do it in the order of Zayn, Niall, Harry, and Liam- hardest to easiest to wake up."

"Smart. Okay," I said, going to Zayn's room and quietly opening the door.

Louis grabbed some bright red lipstick and a container of horridly bright pink eye shadow. I pulled out a packet of body glitter from my pocket and showed it to Louis. He grinned evilly, and we got to work.


By the time we were done with all the boys, they looked like sparkly clowns. The second we got back to Louis' room and had closed the door, we fell to the ground laughing. Louis pulled out his phone, and showed me the pictures he had taken of them, causing both of us to break down into hysterics again. The door opened, and we were faced with 4 very annoyed, be-sparkled boys.

Louis snapped a picture on his phone and screamed, "RUN!!!"

I tried to run through the wall of guys that was blocking my passage, but was thrown over someone's shoulder.

'DON'T EAT ME NIALL!" I heard Louis yell.

I thought back to my self defense classes. Gotta love New York City. I could easily get out of his grip, but I didn't seem to be in any immediate danger, and there was only a 50/50 chance that I would land on my feet. The other half would probably involve me breaking something, and probably not just a table...More likely my back...I may make myself sound like a ninja, but if I came face to face with someone who was professionally trained, it would not go over well at all...

I heard the sound of a door being shut, and then I was thrown into a bed.

"Oof," I said, looking around. Oh, I was back in my room. I looked up and saw Harry staring at me.

"So...," I said awkwardly, "What brings you here?"

He had a flirty look about him, but doesn't he always? Even when he's talking to Louis, which is odd. He really plays out the whole bromance thing. But he seemed extra flirty, somehow.

"I was thinking we could finish what we started last night," he said, coolly.

What?! WHAT?! Does he mean...he couldn't possibly...He wants to KISS ME?!  

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