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"Let me ask yall a question. So tell me why its okay for a female to hit a male but a male cant hit they ass back? Thats fuckin sexism to me. Just because she a bitch dont mean it aint domestic fuckin violence. This bitch really think she can sit her happy ass down and hit my bestfriend. I know what yall thinkin "I tHoUgHt YaLl WaSnT fRiEnDs NoMoRe". But let me tell yall we made up because he called me over to tell me some important ass shit and to apologize and i apologized too.

I hate runnin to the fuckin internet but ion got Kayliee number, Nick blocked her ass and dont remember her number, she dis-fuckin-abled her instagram, and when i see her its on sight so it dont matter.

This bitch really had the fuckin nerve to blame Nick for cheatin on her over and over and repeatedly hit him over and over for 4 months. He a nigga so he aint SuPpOsEd to hit her ass back. She did all this shit, hit him with chanclas, scratched him with keys across his face, punched, slapped, kicked and had him wearin makeup to cover the shit up, just for her ass to go cheat.

What type of bullshit is that. I swear on everything i love, my mama, my pappy, on Jesus Christ when i see that hoe im beatin the fuck out that hoe. Periodt. And i know yall probably thinkin why Nick didnt tell me and it was because he had faith in this girl.

He fuckin cried over this girl and that makes me wanna beat her ass to the fuckin grave. My nigga was in love with her bitch ass. She lost a good fuckin thing. She had him heartbroken and Nick be tryna act all hard but nigga we know you tough and shit but we also know you got feelins. That stupid hoe hurt them and i really wanna rock her shit so hard she get brain damage. Thats how fuckin mad i am right now.

This bitch really fuckin tried with my bestfriend. But its all good tho because when i see yo ass, Kayliee, im not holdin back. I swear to God i cant wait till the day i catch yo ass somewhere."

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