Secrets (Letter 1)

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Dear Jersey,

I wonder.

Would you still have me?

After all I put you through?

Would you still want me if you knew?

Could you still love me with the truth?

Would you still?

Even after.

Finding out.

I wonder.

In doubt.

In worry.

The fury from me showing my true colors, then you knowing everything.

If you knew, what would that mean?

Knowing how different things could have been...

If my past didn't pull me back again and again

Or that the reason for leaving lied in


And lies.

I wonder.

If you knew,

What would you do?


(Thank you guys for reading/listening! kaelking12 is fully responsible for writing, creating, and recording the last chapter, this letter, and these upcoming series of letters. Some are shorter, some are longer, but we'll be posting one everyday this week leading up to a large update at the end of the week! Make sure you give Kristen a shout out and enjoy the rollercoaster ride she's laid out for you guys mwhaha! First secret letter's out. Come back tomorrow (AUGUST 28th) for the next one!)


If you were Alex and you found this 1st letter, how would your perception of Elias change because of it?

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