Please 2! 10 - The opportunity within the colors

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Seiji turned to him. "What?"

Yuuto leaned closer to whisper.

"Did you know the first time I felt something for you was in this art gallery?"

"What?" The painter narrowed his eyes. Then his face lit with comprehension. "Back then? I had no idea!"

"Ah, I knew you never noticed," Yuuto said, smiling. "It was after you found out my secret. After you painted me for the first time."

"Yeah, I remember that... After I showed it to my grandpa, he showed to his friend who was an art dealer and he arranged to have the painting exhibited here..."

"And then you invited me to have a look," Yuuto said, raising his eyebrow.

"I remember that too..." Seiji showed a gentle smile. "That was when you started liking me?"

"I think so... But back then, I had no idea I could have those kinds of feelings for another guy, let alone my student. But perhaps, if not for that night, it might have taken longer for me to realize I loved you."

Yuuto's smile grew, and he leaned to kiss the man he loved.

Seiji kissed him back.

"Then this art gallery is lucky for me," he said when they parted their lips, his spirit rising.

"Yeah, it is." Yuuto wrapped his arms around Seiji. "And if it's up to your art, this exhibition is gonna be great."

"But those painting..." The artist pressed his lips as he glanced at the entrance of the gallery again.

"Are amazing," Yuuto completed the sentence. "I know you didn't make that painting to be hanged in a gallery, being your grandfather's beach house and all, but don't worry. It's amazing and people should see how much you loved the times you spent with your grandfather as a kid. Trust me, it's amazing."

"You say that of all my paintings," Seiji mumbled, though he barely managed to hide his smile.

"Yeah, are an amazing painter. Though if I may say, there are some paintings I'd rather you never showed to anyone," the teacher said, his cheeks a shade of pink that had nothing to do with his makeup.

"Agree." Seiji chuckled. "Some I'll keep to myself."

"And I'm gonna keep myself from asking why."

"Because you already know the reason." Seiji pulled Yuuto closer to a kiss again.

Yuuto kissed him back. For a moment, he almost lost himself on those lips.

But after a while, he remembered where they were and the reason.

"Do you think you can go in now?" the teacher asked in a low voice.

Seiji looked at the entrance one more time, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Yes," he said, his voice with some traces of his usual confidence.

Seiji opened the door of the limousine, stepped out and then offered his hand for Yuuto.

The teacher smiled and held those firm fingers and got out of the car.

With another deep breath, the painter turned to the art gallery.

"Let's go."

Yuuto smiled as he grabbed his boyfriend's arm. He looks so cute like this, he thought, checking if his dress was alright once last time.

"Seiji, my boy. We've been expecting you," a blond man said with a thick accent the moment they passed through the door.

He came to greet the painter with a huge smile. When he was close enough, he grabbed Seiji's face and gave him a kiss on each cheek.

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