Please 2! 10 - The opportunity within the colors

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"Don't worry," Yuuto whispered to Seiji, holding his hand and trying to give the man he loved some warmth. His hand is so cold... "Everything will be fine. You did your best. Your work is amazing. I'm sure everyone will love your paintings."

"Thanks," Seiji said, breathing slowly. Despite his actions, it made no difference; he still looked nervous.

The couple had arrived at the art gallery for over twenty minutes. Even so, they still stood inside the limousine. Seiji was too nervous to get out of the car. The best he could do was to look at the entrance through the tinted window.

He's so nervous he can't even open the window, Yuuto thought. But that's expected. It's a big night for him. Even Seiji couldn't believe himself when he got that phone call...

It was late morning Sunday, but neither men had woken up. They stayed up too late making love after watching an anime movie Yuuto had chosen.

But when his cell phone rang, Seiji muttered something unintelligible and answered. After a brief conversation, if you could call it that, since he said nothing, that lasted less than thirty seconds, the painter was fully awake.

Yuuto grumbled. "Who's calling so early?" he asked in a sleepy voice as he rubbed his eyes. But then there was no answer, he turned to his boyfriend "Seiji...?"

The painter wasn't paying attention to the petite man lying naked next to him. He was too shocked about something to notice much.

After a lot of effort, Yuuto got his boyfriend's attention.

"Who was that?"

"It was grandpa's friend... he... he told me that my painting was selected for an exposition and said that they wanted the others too."

Yuuto was thrilled for Seiji, even if the painter's expression was the opposite.

This exposition is an amazing opportunity for him as an artist, Yuuto thought, glancing at the entrance of the art gallery through the window. Then he flashed a tiny smile. I just wished he'd told me... I had no idea he was painting so much...

He looked back at the man he loved and rubbed Seiji's back.

"How are you feeling?" the teacher asked after a while.

"Like I've just eaten too much and then someone punched me in the gut as hard as they could," the painter answered right away.

He does look rather sick.

"That's... an accurate picture of your face right now," he admitted with a wry smile. "How long were you thinking of it?"

"Ever since we parked," he said, forcing a smile to no success. "Maybe instead of a painter, I should've been a writer. I doubt I'd be this nervous."

He laughed at his own joke. But all he managed was a nervous laugh that soon died. Then Seiji turned to the window again.

Yuuto let out a little chuckle.

"Take it from someone who's been reading and following writers ever since he can remember. Writers have it just as bad painters. Maybe even worse."

"Wow, thanks. That doesn't make me feel better though," Seiji said, and this time his laugh lasted longer.

That put a smile on Yuuto. Good. If he's making jokes, it means he's relaxing a little.

"It doesn't help?" The teacher put a finger on his chin and hummed. "How about if I reveal you something you don't know about this art gallery? I'm sure it's gonna make you feel better."

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