Lost Then Found

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Lost Then Found

The SEQUEL to "Alex's Girl"

It has been seven years since the events of "Alex Girl", where Alexis Sterling Loved then lost Valarie Greco, A troubled but selfless you woman who managed to sneak her way into Alex's heart when she wasn't looking.

Though Alex still misses Val every day, she has tried to move on with her life. She has become an emergency room doctor, she's moved into a beautiful new boom, and she's even made new friends.

She also spends a lot of her time witnessing firsthand the ripple effect her actions seven years ago have caused her beloved city, with mob violence growing increasingly out of control and the hospitals quickly filling to capacity with more and more victims.

Tensions are high as the Costa crime family are more powerful than they have ever been before, bringing the city to it's very knees. And to make matters worse, Alex has unwittingly befriended the daughter of her most hated enemy, Ciro Costa, the man responsible for Vel's death.

The Grecos, on the other hand, have been laying low the last seven years, their illegal operations mostly cloaked in shadows.. That is.. Until now.

The Grecos are back, and they're back with a vengeance that demanding blood.

Their sudden comeback as a powerhouse crime family has Alex asking, how?

Or perhaps the question she should be asking is, who?

Not Completed

Tal I love you, I love your books, I love you for making me fall in love with Alex Girl. You curve your words like a heart and build the sentences like a knife, the love and memories you attached to it are too sweet that they made this sweet lovemantic😜 girl right here ..which is me fall, cry, laugh, scream and shocked when I scroll down so desperately to know what happened next. But you know what I found.. Nothing. And you know what I did after almost kissing Tal because I couldn't yell at her? I read Alex Girl again and I'm still in love.

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