day three, nine am.

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i turned around, expecting to find him by the counter still. yet, i was instead met by his face only inches away from mine.

"anything will do," he spoke, his voice barely above a whisper as he seemingly scrutinized my face inch by inch.

i felt blood rush to my cheeks and ears, my throat closing slightly as i stared back into the two obsidians that were his eyes. there was no denying how handsome he was, or how intriguing he was to me.

clearing my throat, i decided to push myself out of the awkward situation that was undoubtedly making my heart race. grabbing the eggs and the bacon, i pushed past his body and made my way to the stove, getting the pan as well.

i tried to steady my breathing and to calm down the questions in my head. so he wasn't mad at me or the questions i had made? and was he interested in me in any way? and was i interested in him?

i heard him letting out a laugh behind me, but thankfully he didn't make another move. he simply stood against the fridge, watching my every move as i cooked the simple meal and put it neatly into a plate.

"you did say it could be anything," i bit down on my lip as i gave him the plate. "and next time, you can just call and someone will bring it to you."

"i know," he shrugged, accepting the plate. "but i wanted to see you."

i didn't know what to make of his words. i watched as he lifted the chopsticks to his mouth,  savoring the dish before humming in approval.

"that's good," he complimented. "you're a great cook."

i blushed once again. "thank you, but that's literally the easiest thing to make."

"maybe next time you can make something more elaborate," he shrugged. i smiled at the mention of a next time.

he ate in the matter of seconds. just as he finished, another male voice resonated through the walls.

"miyeon-ah!" the voice called, making jungkook visibly tense.

"in here!" i replied, already expecting the hurricane of a man to burst through the doors anyway.

"uh, thank you for breakfast," he spoke in a rush, shoving the plate into the counter and fishing a few bills from his pocket. he placed them in the pocket of my apron, not giving me nearly enough time to even utter a word before he stormed off through the back door.

"mimi!" the other male entered the kitchen, catching me confused in the middle of the kitchen. "oh, were you with someone?"

"yeah, a guest," i blinked a couple of times, staring at the door behind me. "but he was in a rush, it seems."

i didn't know what had gotten into him, but at this point, this sort of behavior didn't surprise me anymore coming from him. there was always something going on, and i doubted i could even tap into the surface of it.

"oh," he shrugged and placed his hands inside his front pockets. "where's your sister? i've been calling her but she doesn't answer, and the staff room is locked so i thought it best to come ask you."

"oh she's in there alright," i chuckled. "probably having another fit over the flowers."

"so that's why it's locked and she won't answer," he whistled. "she doesn't want me to see. even though it's not the dress itself, she considers it an accessory, and the groom is not supposed to know."

"yeah, that's very hana of her," i tilted my head, pursing my lips. "i can try getting her out, if you want, even though she's probably way too focused on it."

"please," he showed me a grin. "i'd be forever thankful."

taking off my apron, i softly hit him with it before exiting the room.

"i'll add it to the long list of things you owe me," i joked, walking towards the staff room.

knocking a few times, i waited for hana's voice to call from the inside.

"unnie," i began. "you can pick the flowers later. seokjin oppa is here to see you!"

author's note

was it clear enough why jungkook... jungbolted?

*slaps knee*

end me please.

anyway, this is probably the time that i say i really picture hana as irene, my fashionable visual queen.

thank you so much for the reads, votes and comments! ♡

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