day three, nine am.

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i sat down next to hana, placing my cup of coffee on top of the table. she was looking at a much too colorful book, flipping through the pages with a pensive expression.

"what's that?" i inquire curiously, taking a sip of the bitter liquid.

"flowers," she sighs, a desperate hand tugging at the roots of her hair. "there are so many, how am i supposed to pick just one type for the bouquet? and besides, how am i supposed to know which one will compliment my dress more?"

letting out a chuckle, i shake my head and grab her right hand. "unnie, it's going to be okay. whichever ones you pick, they will look beautiful and so will you."

i could see the nervous tears on the brim of her eyes as she wrapped her arms around me, sobbing quite dramatically against my shoulder.

"i just want everything to be perfect, i've been dreaming of getting married ever since i was a baby," she cries, and i gently pat her shoulder.

"i know, which is exactly why you only need to trust your instincts on this," i reassured her, letting go of her arm only to reach for the book. "but i can help you decide if you like."

"i'd love that," she smiled, wiping the few tears from her cheeks. "ugh, i really shouldn't be doing all of this on my period."

we both let out a chuckle as we then started going through all the flowers together, and she was right, they were so many that we thought it was almost impossible to choose one. however, after what seemed like hours but instead was more around twenty minutes, we were down to pink peonies, blue hydrangeas and the classic red roses.

she must've seen my suffering face, because she said she'd ask eomma to help her pick from those three. i thanked her, reminding her once again that any flowers would look beautiful on her.

as the clock struck nine thirty, i was already off to cleaning the main hall. bucket and mop in hand, i shoved my earphones into my ears and started nodding my head to the music as i did my duties.

swaying my hips from side to side, i believed that listening to music while doing chores made them not only go by quicker, but also more enjoyable. and for a few minutes, i could be by myself, in my own little world.

that is, until someone tapped my shoulder, startling me to the point that i felt my feet slip underneath me.

bracing myself for the impact of the floor, i was surprised when instead two strong arms held me up. taking my earphones out, i turned around to face him.

"we need to stop meeting like this, miyeon-ssi," he chuckled, helping me up before running his hand through his silky black hair.

"yeah, but i'm holding you accountable for this one," i couldn't help but smile as i put my hands on my hips.

"i promise i'll be more careful next time," he chuckled. "i was just wondering, is there anything i could eat around here?"

i slowly nodded my head, setting the mop aside before motioning for him to follow me to the kitchen area.

he did so obediently, whistling a soft tune as he did so. i stopped in my tracks.

"justin bieber?" i scoffed. "mr. jungkook listens to justin bieber?"

"and what's wrong with that?" he shrugged it off, walking past me and into the division.

"nothing, it's just..." i tilted my head slightly. "i wasn't expecting that, it's all."

"doesn't go with the look, right?" he leaned against the counter, a smirk on his lips as he crossed his arms. "the ceo look, as you called it."

"i guess," walking towards the fridge, i opened the door, looking inside. "okay so, i could make you some bacon and eggs, maybe french toast? oh, what about some panca--"

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