45| Maybe.

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45| Maybe.

After hours upon hours of discussing and talking and Luke's grandad falling asleep then having to be woken up, The police decided they had enough evidence and that James was going to go to jail, for how long was undecided yet.

Nearer the end of this discussion and conference or whatever the hell it was, Luke and Annie had to be excused as the adults discussed.

James was in the hospital at the moment, getting stitches on his jaw apparently but Luke didn't care. He did care that it was way past his grandads usual bed time and he kept falling asleep in a very important 'meeting'.

"Luke," the p.e teacher left everyone else earlier, he had no business in there and didn't want to cause any problems. "We should talk about your expelling."

Annie looked over at Luke, eyes wide and still slightly glossy. She had talked her glasses off hours ago, her and Luke hardly talking unless they were needed to.

As annoyed as Annie was, she didn't want Luke to get expelled, especially because it was technically her fault. Ish, not the accident part, but the part where she didn't tell him who it was or she didn't stop him when he was beating James to the floor.

Luke gulped, bowing his head as he slipped back in his chair. His eyes quickly looked at Annie, noticing how she was worriedly watching him, before slumping down further in his chair.

"Do we have to..." Luke muttered, pouting as he realised he might not be coming back here.

"Yes. C'mon, I assume you want to talk about it alone." The p.e teacher walked out of the room, waiting in the hallway for the boy to join him.

Luke sucked in a deep breath before standing up, smiling weakly and quickly at Annie before he left the room, head below his shoulders as he closed the door behind him.

"Look, what you did today was way beyond what any school allows," he started, crossing his arms as he stared Luke in eyes.

"I know, you have to understand though, sir," Luke pleaded, begging with his eyes as he listened to what his teacher had to say.

"And I do. That's why me and Principal Edwards have decided that you won't get expelled this time, but you will be suspended for a month," he paused, watching as Luke let out a long sigh of relief. "During this month you will go to anger management and take after school classes alone."

Luke and the p.e teacher agreed on these terms, Luke thanking him multiple times before going back into the room and sitting in the chair next to Annie.

"Well... are you expelled?" Annie gulped, her hand close to his as the both of theirs rested on the arm rests.

Luke shook his head, smiling along with Annie at the sudden relief. "I am suspended for a month though. I have to go to anger management and after school classes. It's going to suck but it was worth it."

"Why'd you do it?" She whispered, clenching her jaw as she looked at the side of his face. He turned to look at her, eyebrow raised as he gave her a questioning look.

"Why wouldn't I? I had no idea it was him, why didn't you tell me?" He asked back, licking his lips and shaking his head.

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