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The apologetic chant continued, but it soon drowned into howls of anguish and fury. He leapt off bloody knees and charged at a wide television nearby with bloodshot eyes, his fists raised. 


His eyes flashed a purple and then a bone-crushing squeeze shrivelled the TV into half its original size

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His eyes flashed a purple and then a bone-crushing squeeze shrivelled the TV into half its original size. It spiralled across the room and crashed through a window, its momentum seemingly endless as it soared out deep into the night sky. Heavily breathing, Cadell wildly punched and kicked the air. Cursing and pleading. Crying yet laughing. Finally, he jumped on his stomach, buried his face in the glass infested carpet and tightly squeezed his eyes.

This is a dream.

No, boy. The voice said gleefully. It's real! I'm just as astonished as you but hold your excitement for now. This is just the beginning. There's more fun to be had and more games to play.

Cadell rolled onto his back, eyes still closed. Warm blood trickled down his cheeks. "That's what you think? I'm excited?"

Don't deny it! The voice hissed. You were laughing. You wanted this.

"Leave me alone."

I'm afraid that can't happen. We are one.

"Stop pretending to be me," Cadell said, wiping away snot from his nose with a sleeve. "I'll find and kill you."

You're a genius, boy. The voice laughed. I forgot you were a detective; do you have any leads? Ah yes, let's ask someone for help because, of course, they would believe a fugitive who has committed a double homicide.

"You controlled me." Cadell whimpered.

OK, I'll play along. Let's say I did. Who the hell would believe you? Why didn't you tell anyone about me in the first place, eh? I say... we have some more fun.

The voice silenced, leaving Cadell alone to despise himself. How many times had he quietly loathed at the never-ending murders reported on the news? He had become the very thing he hated. A killer. No, he was something worse than that; there was no motive or logical thought process. In those life-changing moments, all he wanted to see was blood. 

If the voice was correct and revenge was not an option, Cadell realised there was nothing left to do but accept his fate. Imprisonment would be perfect. He could live the rest of his life in anguish, where innocent civilians would be safe from him. 

Before rage could consume Cadell once more, a tranquillizer dart glided through the air and dipped down through the gaping hole that should have been a window. It sunk into a shoulder, and Cadell's eyelids suddenly felt heavy.

Cadell wanted to smirk, but his facial expression moulded into a grimace. "Again? I was going to call the police but, yeah, sleep time works too."

Theme song 1: Cadell's sorrow. (Song: Balmorhea-Remembrance)

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