Disclaimer and Announcement

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I do not own any rights to the Vampire Academy series that all belongs to Richelle Mead. If you have not gotten to the third book DO NOT continue to read this or else you will have spoilers. This is a Fanfiction from the books. This fanfiction starts off at Victor Dashkov's trial in Shadow Kiss. These characters are from the books.

If you have not read the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, you should not read this fanfiction if you don't want to know what happens in the 4-6 for Vampire Academy and 1-6 for Bloodlines. It is going to be different but the relationships start off as they left on in the book Shadow Kiss.

I am writing this fanfiction because there are only a few that I have found on here that actually start off here but they never finish. And I seriously want to see what would happen if the court believed him. I think this is a fan fiction that everybody can agree that they want to read so this is how I picture it going if they believed him. Hope you enjoy and please comment on how I am doing and what you think of it.

Thank you my fans.


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