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Startled, I turned towards the direction of the voice, realizing it belonged to Lydia Branwell.

She sat by the edge of the bed, keeping her eyes on her sister. And without looking at me, she said, "you should get some rest. Where have you been sleeping anyways? Amelia's occupying your bed."

"I honestly haven't been sleeping," I admitted.

Lydia sighed, tilting her head to the door. "Go. When there's any progress, you'll be the first to know."

Reluctantly, I let go of Amelia's hand and stood up, leaving Lydia with her sister.

I then found Jace, Magnus, Clary and Hodge discussing something about warlocks.

"What's going on here?" I asked. "Nobody told me about a meeting."

"Magnus figured out that Ragnor Fell is the warlock who can wake my mom." Clary replied. "We're just bringing him back to the Institute."

My eyes scanned over the group. "How can I help?"

"We're just recovering a warlock, Alec." Jace said, the hostility clear in his voice. "We got this covered."

Really. He puts my sister on trial and now my fiance's nearly dead.

Jace Wayland was full of shit.


"I have a small gift for you." Izzy sauntered over to me, a small smile on her face. "Unless it's news that Amelia's awake, it's not a gift."

Izzy placed a hand on my arm. "Trust me, you need this. And besides, this is a thank-you gift. You stood by me through my trial and now I'm standing by you, brother."

My sister then stood on her tip-toes and blindfolded me, before grabbing me by the arm.

"Ready?" She asked. "A couple more steps."

Without much choice, I followed. "We're almost there!" Izzy reassured me.

"Izzy," I sighed. This better not be a prank. Given the circumstances, it wasn't appropriate.

"You trust me, don't you?" She asked.

I scoffed. "No, not really."

"Now, count to five, and take your blindfold off." She instructed.

I sighed.






I took the blindfold off and glanced around, realizing she wasn't here anymore. "Really, Izzy?" Suddenly, Jace entered the room. I crossed my arms over my chest. "Seriously?"

"Izzy said you wanted to talk." Jace said.

"I don't know what she thought I wanted to say." I snippily replied.

"Great." He said after a moment. "I guess I'll go. I've got work to do anyway."

Jace started walking the other way when he halted.He muttered something incoherent, before signing. ''You know what? She's right. We do need to talk."

"Okay." I shurgged. "You go first."

"I don't know how things got so messed up between us." He started with a sigh. "But I do know my life has been a lot harder not having you to talk to."

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