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Daryl's pov

Am breathing heavily after the long run travis made me do, I remembered as he kept chasing me around like two little kids and then I laughed

Travis! My man I don't know what I will do without him,I mean canasist,no canasist he still always makes my day.

He's the only good friend have had since my parents passed away, rembering that alone just takes my breath away.

I slid down the door and sat on the floor with my hands at the back of my head and sighed.

"Holland" ian whispered

'What about her, I mean she's just gonna be up after two days" I replied, there are so many heavy weights on my shoulders, Holland, canasist, still not being able to control myself during the full moon  and other shit.

"Holland,Holland " ian whispered

"Look if u are that concerned about her how about you go stay with her" I cussed

Oh man I really didn't mean it that way

I got up and sat on the bed, I wanted to lie on the bed when I saw red prints on my hand

"What the?" I said confused as I stared at my hands,ran to the toilet to wash my hands but when I opened the tap blood came gushing out

"What the fuck is going on" I yelled and rested my back on the door and the door melted turning into blood

"Holland,Holland, Holland, Holland, holland" ian said but this time loudly

"Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled and covered my ears and blinked and I was in the guest room sitting on The floor by the door.

"Wait what!!!,no no no,what's going on" I got up and looked around,I checked my hands and they are white,the tap, it's gushing out clean water

"No am definitely going crazy" I smiled and touched the door but hey its still solid man.

"Ian" I said

"Yea" he replied

"I think am going psycho" I  breathed

"😂😂😂 No stupid, your connection with Holland is getting stronger and by what you saw it means someone close to her is in serious danger, but if u feel pains that means she is in danger, I think you already know that by now." Ian smirked

"Connection? I thought the world was ending and i was in hell for being a sinner, but breaking news bro,that was the worst connection ever,I thought I was gonna die man, I prefer the mating kind of connection where I will feel every inch of her and not the blood bath." I blurted

"Am definitely going to church when u repent" ian said sarcastically

"But now play times is over someone is in danger" ian said and i jumped out the window and ran to Holland's house.

I got into the house and I could smell blood

I saw blood on the couch, this must be her mother's blood

Holland, I ran upstairs and I met the afro lady standing beside Holland

"What are u doing here" I asked

But she just kept staring at Holland,  I got to where she was staring and saw that part of Holland was fading I tried to touch her but my hand went through her.

"What's going on" I asked on the verge of tears.

"Format" she replied and I arched a brow

"What do u mean?" I asked already yelling

"She's clearing from existence."

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