Trovandosi(finding herself)

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As a kid,she used to enjoy her life as if there was no tomorrow...Making everyone happy around her was like an attributes that within herself since she was small.

But now,she seems to be forgotten what it feels like to be joyful...
What its like to find true happiness within her.
Have you ever reached a stage in your life where you had to question yourself am i someone??Do i mean something??Am i visible to someone???Can someone feels the pains in my heart that tearing me apart???

i guess you're like yeaah...
i mean like whyy not!everyone had that one phase in life where he would love to have a time machines and rewind it to the good old days,where everything were perfect and then throw the rest to the trash...

But that really not what happened! Does it??
You just like flipping from the side of your bed,wondering what it would like to have someone out there who can reads what on our mind,and are out there to help you,and not to judged you.

Someone who understand you,for being you and having those kinda thought sometimes make us feels like maybe one day out of the blue...the one we've been waiting for comes like magical wish that came true.

Looking at the infinite sparkling and magical stars in the sky through your window pane at night,make us feel like maybe tomorrow would be the day we've been wishing for.That how maybe some of us fall asleep at night.

Thnks for reading!!😏

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