Chapter 1: Meet Haru

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"I have no plans of getting married."

"Yeah, I'm weird."

"I am a quiet person."

"I have no interest in men."

"I hate skinship!"

"I never smile except in front of my mother."

"I eat ramyeon almost everyday and convinience store is my favorite restaurant."

"I am physically strong, there's nothing hard for me to do."

"I'm not scared of anything, except narrow dark places."

"I'm an all around staff in YG."

"I didn't get to college because we have no money to pay for it."

"My closet only contains skinny rip jeans and loose t-shirts, that's all I have."

"I don't put make up, never!"

"My only happiness is seeing my mother happy, nothing more, nothing less."

"And definitely, not anyone's ideal type."

You read it all right. But before that, I was never like that. Why? You'll know it soon.

I used to be an all around staff in almost all of YG Artists' schedules. I always work overtime. I entered YG since I graduated high school and its been 4 years now. It wasn't hard for me to get in to YG because my mom used to be Yang Hyun Suk's family's servant. I just knew 2 years ago that Hanbin is a trainee of YG which I did not mind.

Today is IKON's debut and everyone are busy. You're selected to help them to prepare for their debut.

"Haru-ah, come here! I need your help. I need you to load all of these baggages into the van."

Without a single word, you went to the assistant PD named Jisoo and do what she asked you to do.

You carry the heavy baggages without complaining because in the first place, it's your job. You haven't met IKON before but you are aware that Hanbin is there.

"Haru drive these stuffs to Seoul Olympic Gym Arena and you need to go back here immediately to accompany iKON members there." Jisoo told you. Without a single word, it is understood that you'll do it.

Yeah, you don't usually speak up nor answer not unless you're not doing it.

Aigoo, why do I have to meet him? This is going to be hell.

When you arrived at the building IKON is now ready to ride in the van. And thankfully, Hanbin never saw you just because you're in the driver's seat.

As soon as your arrived at the arena, you opened the van for them and Hanbin is obviously shocked for seeing you.

"Why are you here?" He asked you but you didn't answer him and just closed the van and left him.

Hanbin's POV

"What is going on? You knew her?" Bobby asked and you just nodded.

At the arena, while your members are having a break, you saw once again a familiar face. It's Haru. She's been carrying a lot of big boxes over and over again. She looks tired but she just keep on doing it.

Why did she change a lot? This is not the Haru I knew before.

You came near her to give her a bottle of water and planning to start a conversation.

"Haru-yah, have a rest for a while." You offered to her the water but she ignored it and kept carrying stuffs.

Because you don't want to get embarassed, you left her.

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