64. She is dangerous.

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When the man was gone_Jennie freely ran to Jeremy. "Are you ok?" She asked helping him get on his feet. He stumbled a little before his legs steadied on the ground.

"Yea, thanks you saved my life." Jeremy was shivering even though he was putting on a thick coat.

"Oh so he can talk. I thought he was dumb." Dante mocked, rolling his eyes. "Well thank God! I won't have so much use for a dumb crack head."

"Not funny man did you see that man. He is called the extinguisher." Jeremy shook, the thought of the extinguisher caused him to shiver.  "Anyway thanks man."

"You won't have been in this situation had you listened to me and gone to rehab. Stay away from cocaine and drug dealers. When will you quit this bad habit of yours already? When you are killed?" Jennie half screamed.

"I've heard you mother." Jeremy mocked rolling his eyes. He dusted his clothes and stepped away from the seat. "I will stop I promise." He raised his left hands up and smiled. "I give you my word in fact.

His lips pressed shut when he saw the beauty that was Lora. She was very alluring, flawless. He stared at her and winked but she refused to even acknowledge his gaze. She stood at the corner smoking, it was as if she wasn't present at all in the room.

"So tell me what brings you to ocean city, specifically to my abode good friend. Are you already tired of your sister?" He chuckled.

Jeremy was so eager to change the topic away from him being a crack head. They won't understand why he did it_he did it to stay sane_to stay alive.

Lora still refused to look at him and he swallowed.

"I am looking for my best friend she has gone missing, Gloria you know her right?"

Jeremy nodded. "Of course I know her, The sexy fighter right."

Jennie chuckled, "Yes and..."

"We need your help Jeremy or whatever your name is." Lora cut in, growing impatient, The man before was quite distasteful even though he was quite handsome.

The dark kind of handsome with hair as black as the night. He was just as tall as she liked her men but she didn't like her men as junkies so she pushed the thought aside. She leaned away from the wall and faced him. She had been trying so hard to avoid his gaze but she now had to meet it.

"Fiesty_I like you." He smiled at her licking his lips.

She fought the urge to puke. "Well thanks but no thanks." Lora hissed but underneath the facade of annoyance she put on, she blushed at his words although her face remained expressionless.

"You have to take me to Jessica. The witch remember her?" Jennie asked her eyes steadied on Jeremy who looked at her like she had gone mad.

Jeremy started nodding in the negative even before Jennie could finish her request.

"There is no way I am going back to that woman or that place. The last time I went there is the reason I am still on drugs! That woman messed with my brain. No way I'm going there. Can you believe, she is a witch." Jeremy whispered his eyes wide open.

It was as if he just divulged the worlds greatest secret.

"I don't care what she is. She might as well me a mammoth but we need to see her." Lora cut in.

"I am not doing this and that's final. You guys can look for her house in the map or something just keep me out of it!"

"Jeremy please..." Jennie begged trying to reason with him.

"Please nothing you and your friends can turn around and leave now but as for me I am not going anywhere. You have all over stayed your welcome so...."

"That's sad. Let's just go find the extinguisher then to extinguish you or better still since I paid for it let me find my own extinguisher." Lora threatened narrowing her eyes.

"She's my friend you have to help her." Jennie interjected. She nodded at Jeremy reassuringly and he nodded back exhaling through his mouth.

"Jessica is very dangerous. She's a mad crazy witch it's Best you stay away. Don't say you weren't warned. We can find some else." Jeremy paused starring at the three of them expectantly, but their faces still showed resolve.

They were going to their death and forcing him to lead them to it and there was nothing he could do about it.

He sighed knowing that they were not going to back down.

"Gloria is worth the risk and we have exhausted all ways." Jennie said and Lora looked at her.

Jennie has most certainly become braver. Lora thought.

"Alright he sighed but I'm driving."

"There is no way I'm letting him drive my car." Dante protested immediately. They were outside the house now.

Jeremy stared at Dantes SUV with awe as if it was the first time he was seeing one. It wasn't actually, but it had been a long time he had driven one.

"Let's just let him." Jennie tried to plead with Dante but he was not having it.

"The guy is a crack head and my car is new, there is no way he is driving it and that's final." Dante growled.

"Don't worry there will not be a single Dent on your precious car." He smiled mischievously.

"Yes there won't be a single dent on it because I would be the one to drive. Now enter the passengers sit and put your ass down like the bitch you are. Don't test my paycheck anymore than you have!"

"And if I do what will you do, shoot me?You need me alive so don't even try to threaten me."

Dante smirked then cracked his hands. "Yes, I do need you alive but not in one piece. So don't test my patience anymore. Get in!"

"Alright Alright man, I'm getting in." Jeremy shuddered.

The girls laughed and got in the car.

Jeremy sat at the back with Jennie. Because Lora had all but jumped to sit in front so she won't have to be near the crack head and Jennie did not argue at all she didn't want to sit with Dante. Being with him reminded her of things she wanted to forget.

"Now I see where Gloria got all her attitude from." Jeremy whispered to Jenny. "Her fathers a brute."

"I can hear you!" Dante said, staring at Jeremy from the front mirror.

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