Chapter Thirty Seven - Heat

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Burning. The room smelt of burned metal.

He saw her struggle, felt her pain but he never thought it was this. Electricity now flowed through her, and it wrapped itself around every cell in her body. He had caught her from hitting the floor, carefully holding her with both his hands. He hadn't even thought that touching her may electrocute him but out of luck it didn't. She was out cold.

Hovering his hand over her heart, he reached out to her abilities, waiting to feel what had changed her. He sensed her Cern, Fielce, and Ocelia abilities.

But, there was something new, something different.

Something extraordinary had happened to Avianna. Water and heat had intertwined together in her veins. Water helped heal her, this was her Ocelia ability, yet heat protected her now.

He's never seen anything like it. For the body to have the ability to heal and protect itself. And, for the body to create a new ability on it's own. She had this energy force that had protected her before, he hadn't seen it in a long time. Just an hour ago when her Felice ability had casted him aback, causing him to slid on his feet. He saw how much stronger it had gotten. This power only worked on one person at a time, so it wasn't presumed as a protection ability. Only one person had mastered it.

Her body was beginning to remember. Avianna was coming back to him.

But, there was something else, something more she had become to him now that she possessed this new ability.

"What are you doing? What the hell was that?" the curly haired one yelled. Jav so badly wanted to punch him.

Her friends had gotten up and stared at her with terror but also concern. His officers look dumbfounded with unease. He felt the fear in all of them radiating toward him. He began to pick her up.

"Your friend is in need of healer attention immediately."

"You aren't taking her anywhere. I swear if you don't drop her now-" The blonde one with dark eyes began to shout but Jav rose his voice dangerously, "Right now, her best chance at living through what just happened is with me."

"Don't trust what he says," Kennet barked as he stared at Avianna."Whatever that was, whatever she did. It's impossible. There is so way her Ocelia ability could mend with the Mazrhr ability. It simply isn't humanely possible-"

"Wait, Mazrhr, Ocelia? What the hell are you talking about?"

"You don't know?" Jav furrowed his brows.

What was he kidding? Of course they don't. They would see her as a highly advanced human, one in which they cannot relate too. They cannot possess abilities so Avianna's family background couldn't be of Earth's, and they would know that. She wouldn't tell her friends, for she would lose them.

A sudden small stir in Avianna had brought his attention back to her. He lifted her fully in his arms. There must be no more time wasted.

"There is no time for this, she needs help."

"The hell she does, get away-" the curly haired one tried to jump towards Jav but the officers grabbed ahold of him along with the others.

"Make sure to shut him up, and any of them if they speak a moment of what just happened to each another, or anyone else." Jav commanded of General Sokolov and received a firm nod from him in understanding. "And, no one must know of this." This time Jav gave General Sokolov an unshakable stare. He must know the significance of this not getting to anyone.

Jav turned on his heal to the beating of the curly haired one in his gut. He didn't care to reach any of their emotions, to know what they were feeling. He could already guess, and besides, all his focus was on Avianna.

No one must know what this meant. How much value Avianna was, especially now. Her body had created a new ability for itself. Not only can her body heal, but it can protect itself.

She had Ocelia abilities and now the Mazrhr. They both weaved together. There was another who possessed this power, someone who died  in a time of uncertainty, long before her birth. A time like that was nearing. 

She was a Defendant.

And she was the second in the universe.

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