Chapter 12; Moving On

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"Diana, I think it's best if you don't stop by today." He told her. Olivia could hear Diana mumbling but she couldn't make out any words. "I've had a bad day, what do you mean you've got some bad news for me?"
Diana continued to mumble through the phone
"What about Olivia? Why are you bringing her up?"
Olivia heard Diana's voice grow louder.
"Oh... okay fine. You can stop by. I'll be here waiting. Alright. Bye." Michael said and he hung up the phone. Olivia waited a few minutes questioning why her name had been brought up. She snapped out of it and walked into his room. "Hey, Michael. I know you're not in the mood bu-" she started. "What, Olivia?" He snapped. "Wow, I just brought you some tea in hopes of possibly lightening your mood." She angrily replied. She set it on his dresser and walked out. He felt like a complete jerk. "Liv?" He called out. But she kept walking. She went into her room and plopped down on her bed. She sighed heavily and ran through some thoughts. She pulled out her phone and the paper from Bryson. She put his number in and texted him.

Olivia; Hey, is this Bryson? It's Oliva... from school.

She waited about 5 minutes and checked her phone. No reply. She thought maybe he was busy. She checked again in another 5 minutes; Nothing. She waited and waited and eventually ended up falling asleep.


Michael made his way downstairs. He still felt horrible for the way he talked to Olivia. He knew she didn't deserve that, he had just been on edge. Especially after the conversation that Diana and he just had on the phone. Once he got downstairs he took a seat in the living room and awaited Diana's arrival. It took Diana about 45 minutes to get there. She was working so she went home to change and then went to see Michael. When she arrived, she lightly knocked on the door. Michael quickly rose from the couch and rushed to the door. "Hello, Di. Would you like to come inside and talk?" He asked. "We can go wherever." She dryly responded. Before the two could move, Rosie came outside. "Michael, I'm going to go out for a little while. I'll be back soon, alright?" Rosie said and then left. Michael nodded and then told Diana to follow him inside. "Okay, let's talk." Michael said as they took a seat on the couch. Diana pulled out a torn piece of paper. "Can you explain this to me? I found it today after you left for work." Diana said. "Why did you go through my things, Diana?" He questioned her without looking at the paper. "Because, I knew it was too good to be true. She's the same girl from the restaurant, I knew there was something there." Diana admitted. Michael's eyes widened and he snatched the paper from her hands. The paper was a note that Michael wrote for himself about Olivia. About how he felt, how he couldn't be with her. How he admired her and what about her he admired. Everything. "I thought I got rid of this." Michael said. "Well, you didn't. But I guess everything happens for a reason because that isn't the only thing I came to tell you anyways." Diana admitted. Michael grew concerned. "You know I came here to teach college students. I lost my job and took up being a waitress to earn enough money to go back home. Well, I've finally reached my goal. You broke my heart, Michael. But I still wish you the best." Diana told him while standing up. Michael stood up as well. "I hope you get what you want Michael. Be with Olivia." Diana said in spite. Michael shook his head. "She's my student. You're my girlfriend. Well, you were. You never told me you were saving to go back home. How could you keep that from me and still be with me?" Michael grew angry. "Don't start Michael, you were barely loyal to me." Diana accused him. "I wrote this letter before you and I even got together, you have no right to act out on my past life. No matter how recent it may be. I trusted you." Michael spat. "Whatever, Michael. I'm leaving now. It's over. Goodbye." Diana said as she stormed out of the house. Michael balled his fist and balled up the letter. He threw it at the door as Diana closed it shut and sat down in anger. He got back up and went into the kitchen. He filled a glass of water and went outside to sit in the gazebo.


She woke up with her phone in her hand. Immediately remembering she texted Bryson she turned it on to check it. She hadn't got a single reply. She sat in silence for a few moments. "What the fuck." She said to herself. She heard someone lightly knock on the door so she made her way to the top of the stairs. She saw Michael rush over and open the door to see Diana. Rosie had intervened and left the house. Michael and Diana made their way over to the couch. Olivia listened in on every word they had been saying. He wrote a letter abiut me? What the hell?, She thought to herself. They began arguing and Diana stormed out of the house. Olivia saw a balled up piece of paper fly towards the door. She sat there for a moment until she heard Michael leave the room. Once she convinced herself the coast was clear, she went downstairs and took a peek at the letter,

How can I describe how I feel about this girl? I know it's wrong. She's my student. But she makes me feel so different. I admire all the little things she does. She's like an Angel that blessed me with her presence. I shouldn't feel this way... I need to move on. It'll never work. She would hate me if she knew I still carried such deep feelings for her. She's such a beautiful soul. What am I supposed to do...

She read the words silently in her head. She heard the door open and Michael came back inside. She quickly balled the paper back up and put it back where it was. She ran up the stairs and back into her bedroom. She plopped down onto her bed, out of breath. I never knew he felt so deeply, she thought to herself. . .

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