Chapter 12; Moving On

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Recap; They made their way inside. Michael grabbed a spare pillow and blanket and set up his bed on the couch. Olivia stepped on the first stair step and turned to look at Michael. "Goodnight, Michael. Sweet dreams!" She said. "Goodnight, Olivia. Same to you!" He responded. They shared a smile and went off to bed. . .

~3 Months Later; May~

Olivia was awoken by the bright sun which shone directly on her face. She rolled over in her bed to see her alarm clock. "I only had 5 minutes left. Why do I always wake up before my alarm?" She rhetorically asked herself. She sighed and cancelled her alarm. She rose up from her bed and stretched. She slipped into a pair of jeans and a plain black t-shirt. She went downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat. "Oh, hey Liv!" Called out a womans voice. Michael had started seeing someone to prove that he could be appropriate with Olivia. Even worse, it was the woman from the restaurant months ago. This made Olivia extremely jealous, but nevertheless she was always civil. "Hey, Diana." Olivia responded with a fake smile. Michael came out and kissed Diana on her forehead. Ew, Olivia thought to herself. "I'm heading out now, love. I'll see you later, okay?" Michael told Diana. Diana smiled. Michael left the kitchen and Olivia followed. "So, you ready for school, Liv?" He asked her. "Sure." She dryly responded. Michael smirked knowing she was responding in jealousy. They both made their way out to Michael's car. Once they got in, they buckled up and were on the road. "So, she's sleeping over now, huh?" Olivia asked. "We fell asleep watching a movie. It wasn't my intention. I'm a gentlemen, it's only been a month and a half, so we didn't share the room." Michael admitted. "Wait, I don't owe you an explanation." He added. Olivia smirked, "well you gave me one anyway so thanks!" Olivia said. Michael shook his head and chuckled.
After about 10 minutes of driving, they arrived at the school. Olivia got out of the car first. "Have a good day, Mr. Jackson. See you second period." She said before walking off. "So your boyfriend still giving you rides huh?" Chyna teased her. "What do you want Chy. Can we end this battle?" Olivia said while trying to walk away from her old friends. "You're forgetting that I don't like you. Why would I do you any favors?" Chyna replied. "I don't like you either. Nice catching up." Olivia responded. Just before Chyna was about to say something else, Triniti pulled up. "Triniti, hey!" Olivia called out. The girls didn't have to keep their friendship a secret anymore. Ebony and her girls tried to expose Michael and Olivia but Triniti convinced them to delete the proof so they didn't have anything to show. Triniti and Olivia met up and walked into the school together. Ebony, Indea, Chyna, and Mishell all scoffed and rolled their eyes. This made Triniti and Olivia quietly laugh to themselves.

~Ebony, Chyna, Indea and Mishell; The Girls~

They all watched as Triniti and Olivia walked inside the school. Chyna turned to face the girls. "We got to do something about this." She said. "I cannot believe she stopped being our friend for her." Ebony added. "We've definitely got to make something happen." Ebony continued. "Girls, find information anyway that you can." Chyna said to Indea and Mishell. "On what?" Mishell asked. "Girl, get with the program already, damn." Indea told her. "We obviously got to dig some dirt up on these hoes." She added. "Oh, alright." Mishell responded. Mishell and Indea parted from Chyna and Ebony and went on to see what they could gather. Chyna and Ebony walked inside the school together.

~Lunch; Olivia and Triniti~

Triniti and Olivia took a seat in a far off corner with their lunches. As they were eating they traded conversation. "Hey, your name is Olivia, right?" A males voice interrupted. Olivia, with her mouth full, nodded her head. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Bryson. You came here in January, right?" He asked. Olivia swallowed her food, "It's nice to meet you. Yeah I came here in January." She responded. He invited himself to sit down. "Oh, where are ya from?" He asked. "New York City." She responded. "Wow, big city. I always wanted to go there. Maybe you can take me one day" he joked with a wink. Olivia faked a laugh and hoped he would go away. "Well, I see you're trying to eat, so I'll leave you with my number. Maybe you can text me later?" He asked. Triniti discreetly nudged her. Olivia took the paper with his number on it and watched as he smiled and walked away. "Girl, you got yourself a man!" Triniti teased. "You gonna text him? He's cute." She added. "I don't know. I mean, he's cute.. but-" she started. "You're worried about what Michael is going to think, aren't you?" Triniti asked. "No!" Olivia lied. "Forget him girl, he got himself a little girl friend now. Besides, he's a teacher.. just let him go and talk to Bryson!" Triniti encouraged. Olivia smirked, "can you tell me anything about Bryson, Trin?" She asked. "Not much girl. I never paid attention to anyone else. He seems cool though. At least talk to him? Get to know him." Triniti suggested. Llivia laughed. "Fine, fine. I'll think about it long and hard." Olivia told her. The last bell rang signaling that lunch has ended and the end of the day has come. Triniti and Olivia walked to their lockers together and gathered their things. "I'll text you later girl." Olivia said before she parted with Triniti to go meet Michael.
She got to Michael's class to see him still sitting at his desk as if the bell hadn't rung. "Mr. Jackson? The days over!" Olivia said. "Oh, hey Liv. I guess we should get going." Michael calmy responded. Something wasn't right. He seemed stand offish. Olivia ignored it as they walked to the car. They got inside and began driving home. No words had been exchanged. Michael usually struck conversation. Olivia grew concerned. "Michael, are you okay?" Olivia asked. "I'm alright Liv. You shouldn't worry. How was your day?" He changed the subject. "Um, it was alright. I got asked out by this kid Bryson. He gave me his number. Triniti thinks I should talk to him." Olivia truthfully told him. "Oh. Are you going to?" Michael asked. "Probably." Olivia responded. It grew silent. "He seems like a nice boy, Michael. He'll probably be good for me." Olivia added. "That's good." Michael replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Olivia stayed silent for the remainder of the ride. They pulled into the drive way and went into the house.
Rosie had already began dinner. "Michael? Liv? Come eat! It's just about ready!" Rosie called out. "I'm not very hungry. Not such a good day today. Do you mind if I go lie down instead?" Michael politely asked. Rosie nodded. "You have no excuse though Olivia, come eat." Rosie demanded. Olivia and Rosie both sat at the table and began eating. "Do you know what happened at school today? Why is Michael so upset?" Rosie questioned Olivia. "How should I know? I only see him once a day, mom." Olivia said in irritation. "Watch your tone, Olivia." Rosie responded. "I'm sorry, mom. It wasn't such a pleasant ride home with Mr. Moody" Olivia admitted. "Be nice. Everyone has their days. Why don't you bring him up a nice hot cup of tea?" Rosie questioned. "Do I have to?" Olivia asked. "Yes." Her mother demanded. Olivia quickly finished up her food and made Michael a cup of tea. Once it finished brewing she began bringing it up to Michael's room. Just as she was about to walk in, she heard Michael having a conversation. She stood outside the door way hiding next to it snd eavesdropped in on his conversation. He was on the phone. She could only hear what he was saying.

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