Harry three eyes!

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The next day, Drac was keeping his distance to me until the date tonight.

In the meantime he tried his best to find help, on how to talk to me or how to act on a date. Jonny was no use, Drac gave him a major slap across his face. The only thing the boy said was, "Mavis honey...harder." All color left the poor vampires face. Dracula left the room as fast as he entered, he didn't want to know what he meant with 'harder'. Even his daughter shall have secrets that her father doesn't need to know. But his friends were no help either. They all know how to treat a female monster, but a human woman is a different thing. "I can't give her poison oak as a present!" complained Drac, remembering how Ericka got an itch after she touched them. Frank didn't understand, "Eunice loves it when I give her some on our anniversary." "She is a human, they are different" said Dracula, feeling worried. "What about Jonny, couldn't he tell you something?" Drac heard this question from all his friends. In his mind only one word came up to him...'harder'...

"He is completely useless right now."

His choice in clothing was just as hard; at the end he kept his usual suit on...only without the cape.

What he didn't know, was that I am just as nervous about this night. I can't remember how long it has been, since I went on a date. For a dress I took one from Lora's suitcase. Speaking of her, where are they? I tried to call them for the tenth time and still no reply, but I wasn't bothered. They did that before and returned safely. "I got other things to think about" I said to myself. After a while I was fully dressed in a black cocktail dress, white ankle strap high heels and a white strap choker necklace.

At the entrance to the main hall, where the magician is performing, stood Drac on shaky legs.

He stopped, a tthe moment his eyes were set on me. I felt a little uneasy as he scanned my appearance, "You look fantastic!" A blush came to my cheeks, "Oh this eh...thank you." "Shall we?" he gave me his hand, which I took with a little hesitation. A table was reserved for us; it was in a dark corner. Only a few candles gave a little light. It was a couch-like seat, so we could sit next to each other. For a few minutes, we didn't talk to one another.

No one dared to make the first move.

It all changed as Harry three eyes began his tricks. Drac looked at me from time to time, as I was completely fascinated by that monster magician. My eyes sparkled as he pulled out a guest's heart out of his chest, only to reveal their chosen card. It was the right card! Drac chuckled, "You like it?" I smiled at him, "I love it!"

Next was another trick, where Harry needed another person from the audience.

Drac raised his hand, "I want to try!" I panicked, "You what? Can you even survive without a heart?!" I didn't see it, but the vampire was moved at my concern for his safety. "Don't worry, I got this" he sounds confident, but that didn't put me at ease. I watched as he went on stage, doing everything the magician instructed. He had to go into a huge box. From there, his assistance is putting several swords through it, from every direction. I choked on my glass of wine, as she began. With wide eyes I feared that he gets killed, completely forgetting that he is an immortal creature.

Well sort off, Drac turned to a bat and dodged all swords. But then again, I coudn't see it.

The moment as the door opened, came Dracula out...in one piece. I clapped loud. But that wasn't all; Drac had whispered something to the magician. I raised a brow at the two. He had to give Harry a handkerchief of his...in a matter of seconds; it was turned to a black rose. The crowd cheered again. Drac enjoyed the sight of me, smiling wide. "Wow that was so cool!" I said, giggling sweet. He went around the table now kneeling before me, "This is for you." Thankfully the place was dark enough not to show my red face. Not one man I dated gave me a rose before. With my permission he placed it onto my hair. Once he sat next to me again, I leaned towards the vampire giving him a kiss on the cheek, "For your bravery on stage." He smiled wide. This date was by far the best ever! After the performance, the magician joined us at the table. We had some marvelous themes to talk about and laughed the whole night. Afterwards, I took a walk with Drac around the castle. It all ended as the sun was rising. Like a gentleman, he got me back to my room "Here we are." "Yes...thank you for the night...it was wonderful." He kissed my hand tenderly, "I agree. It has been a long time since I had so much fun."

"Who said the date is over" I winked.


"Would you like to come in? I got some awesome movies we can watch together." Drac was no fan of watching movies, but if it means to be near me, he accepted the offer.

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