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"What is the meaning of this?!"

My father showed me a news report flashing on the TV, the headline grabbing my attention. "Massacre at Famous Hotel turns into Mystery... oh shit." Security footage played onto the screen and showed me wrapping my shadows around Marcus' body before it cut off, only a couple of seconds before I crushed him to death. It then showed the rooftop and my angel form was clearly visible through the lens.

Eyewitness after eyewitness told their story, each one similar and convincing. Their eyes were constantly widened in shock, the womens' eye makeup still plastered from the night before. The news woman, who I didn't recognise, readjusted her papers. "Police have released an image of the person in question and have stated that if anyone has seen any suspicious behaviour, they must report it." An image from the security footage showed me in my demon form, my red eyes glowing on the dark screen.

I gazed across the silent Common Room, heat rising to my cheeks. "Something happened on the rooftop but I really don't know what... Luna didn't know either." Saying her name left a bitter taste on my tongue. The sunlight poured through the windows, illuminating my father's face. "And the cause of that was... what?"
"They were immune to the mind control. We didn't have any thing else."
"How come?"
"They did go into a trance but somehow they snapped back and... shot Luna."
He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and glanced through the window with his chestnut eyes. "Seems the humans have gotten stronger again. We'll have to lay low for now until the news and media get off our backs."
"Yeah... I guess so."
"It's only a matter of time until Bermuda comes knocking at our door for nearly exposing our whole world in a matter of hours."

We stood up from the comfortable chairs, my knees cracking at the joints painfully. That mission sure took a toll on me. I looked around towards the grand clock, the date in small at the bottom. "27 of September." I had only been 10 days since I had arrived at the Kingdom and I'm at the top of a wanted list for the police of suspicion of mass murder. "So much for fist impressions..."

I felt so lonely without Luna, an empty hole in my mind still waiting for her. Every time we came across the dining table, my heart would drop to knees, tears pricking up in my eyes. The hallways were more quiet than usual, everyone already at breakfast before me since Luna didn't wake me up. My outfit choices were always rushed and in the end I just looked like a mess. My hair had be more tangled because I didn't brush my hair as often, my sense of self-care thrown out the window.

More nightmares haunted me, the overwhelming sense of paranoia clogging my twisted mind throughout the endless night. I even woke to a vision of her head lying at the end of my bed, her limbs scattered across the room. Blood was smeared on the walls and the echoing of her laugh made me scream until my throat was bone dry.

"You killed her..."

I dragged my feet across the floor, dreading to see anyone within my next lesson. Whether they found out I was an angel or not, I didn't care. I just wanted Luna back.

The lesson was Shapeshifting and was held in the training hall just below the stairs. Nostalgia was sparked in my mind as soon as I saw the stone floor and the endless walls. It must of been at least 75m in length and width. I did say training hall not room. The distant shuffling of feet brought me to my senses and I instinctively looked up with my sunken eyes. My once silk hair had now become matted thread, draping over my shoulders like abandoned curtains. "Ah you're here, Aurora. Welcome." Caleb said, his raven hair swept to one side as always. I just walked towards the staring crowd, their eyes already a common occurrence within my life.

My mind wandered to other places during Caleb's briefing as I had all ready heard it before. Grief swelled in my throat. "I wonder what Luna would think now... How would people react to my Angel side? Hmm... questions." I had never really tried to comprehend my situation here.

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