♡Bridge Meeting♡

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You sighed, looking at yourself in the mirror, it was one of those days. You were all alone, and your thoughts had become far too loud for you to bear. Tears streamed down your face as you bit your lip, scrutinizing your appearance. You hated everything about yourself - from your looks, to the way you walked.

You despised it all.

As you lifted up your long sleeves, you examined the scars that decorated your inner arm - they were horrifyingly beautiful. You sniffled, frowning at yourself. The reflection in the mirror was disappointing for you.

After a moment, you brought your sleeves back down - concealing the scars once more. You grabbed your coat and slipped it on before grabbing your handbag and walking out of the house.

Outside, your heels clicked as you walked along the cement path. It was late afternoon, and the skies represented a beautiful painted canvas. You shoved your hands into the pockets of your coat.

The vicinity was empty, and only several people could be seen walking up and down. The breeze caressed your cold skin as you moved. It was strangely therapeutic.

More tears began to stream down your face as you thought about how lonely you were. Friends had come and gone, and no one seemed to care enough to stay. As you arrived at the bridge, you stopped in your tracks, observing the roads below.

After a moment's thought, you walked up to the banister, leaning over. The height of the bridge was marvelously dangerous. You bit your lip, climbing up onto the ledge.

It was so easy. You just needed to throw yourself over.

That way, you wouldn't have to deal with life - that way, you wouldn't have to suffer anymore.

Suddenly, you felt someone pull your arm - yanking you back. You gasped and turned around, widening your eyes when you saw whom it was.

Right in front of you, was Michael Jackson - the best entertainer to have ever lived. You studied him as he stared at you, a worried look painted on his face.

"What the hell?" he frowned. "Are you nuts? You'd get killed!"

"I know that," you laughed a little. "That's kinda what I was going for,"

Michael paused for a brief moment, as if contemplating what to say. A minute passed before he let out a breath, moving closer to you - looking over the bridge.

"It's not worth it," he bit his lip. "Whatever's making you feel this way - it isn't worth it,"

"I know," you shook your head. "I'm just...tired. Tired of everything,"

"I know," he inhaled deeply. "I know what it's like not to have anyone to talk to, to share your thoughts with," he let out a small laugh. "It's quite a lonely world,"

You turned your head, studying Michael as you processed his words. He was so smart, and charming - and quite insightful. The whole situation was mind boggling. The King of Pop - talking to a girl who almost attempted suicide.

They weren't lying when they said that miracles do exist.

"Come with me," he held his hand out to you after several minutes of silence. "I want to show you something.

You hesitated for a split second, a part of you wondered whether or not you could trust him. After all, he was a stranger to you.

But something about him helped you feel at ease. It made you feel warm inside.

And so with a nod, you took his hand.

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