Handling a bully

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The sun was already high up in the sky from what she could see coming from the windows of the room when Lexa finally woke up. She had always been an early riser. For as long as she could remember, she always woke up along with the sun rising in the sky thanks to the nightblood training she had since she was a kid and even before that, her parents were early risers too but today, however, had been different, she had woken up later than that and all because of one small blonde detail.

The body she was cuddling with, spooning would be the correct term with Lexa as the big spoon and Clarke's back pressed to her chest, Lexa's left arm under the girl's neck and wrapped around her shoulders and her right arm around the girl's waist. Lexa opened her eyes and could see blonde hair like the sun itself right in front of her eyes and she smiled as she continued to let them both stay like that for a few more moments, just enjoying the feeling of having Clarke in her arms again. She couldn't help but pull the girl closer and smell her before dropping kisses on the girl's neck which started waking her up.

"Good morning, beautiful." Lexa said to her girlfriend and could see the hint of a smile on the blonde's face as she grabbed Lexa's arm on her waist and pulled the brunette closer, as close as it could be humanly possible. "I don't want to get up. I want stay like this, with you, forever." She said and Lexa smiled. "And we will but first we have a war to win, my love." She said and Clarke opened her eyes and sighed before she turned around to face Lexa who put a strand of blond hair behind Clarke's ear. "I'm not exactly looking forward to dealing with Quint again." Clarke said pouting and Lexa nodded.

"I will keep him away from you." She said and Clarke shook her head. "Not completely though. If I have to earn your generals' respect, I need to handle him on my own and this time, no woods and certainly, no Pauna to deal with." Clarke said and Lexa pouted. "Why not? It was a bonding moment between us." She said to her and Clarke smiled before moving to straddle the Commander who also smiled. "You're too cute for your own good." Clarke said and Lexa frowned. "No, I am not. I am fierce." She said and Clarke smiled. "You're badass cute." She said leaning down and kissing Lexa before pulling back.

"Besides, we don't need that bonding moment. We have other ways to bond, much more pleasurable ways, don't you think?" Clarke said kissing her neck and Lexa smiled. "Most definitely but not now. You need to send off your people home and Bellamy to his mission and I need to prepare mine to handle you in the meeting." Lexa said and Clarke nodded. "And after that? Since we are not going to spend the day running from a giant mutant gorilla that want to eat us, what will we do?" Clarke asked her and Lexa shrugged. "Anything you want." She said and Clarke seemed to think and then she smiled.

"And I already know what that is but it will be a surprise." Clarke said before kissing Lexa one more time and getting off of her and off the bed. "You're not going to tell me?" Lexa asked holding herself up on her arms looking at her girlfriend and Clarke shook her head, putting on her clothes. "Nope. But I think you will like it a little too much so there's that." She said before she stood up once she was fully clothes and leaned forward kissing her girlfriend again. "I love you." She said before pulling back. "I love you too." Lexa said as Clarke grabbed her jacket and walked out of the room and Lexa fell back on the bed with a smile on her face.

Clarke went out of the house, greeting the two guards who were by the door and went straight in the direction of her people and could see Bellamy had already changed into a grounder outfit they had been provided with and so had Lincoln and the tents had already been turned down and they all seemed to be finishing packing. She was about to go talk to them when someone held her hand and she turned to see that it was Finn, she gave him a small smile. "Hey, you're ready to go?" She asked him but he didn't smile back.

"I'm not going. I will stay here with you." He said to her and she sighed shaking her head. "Finn, you're not staying." She said to him and he shook his head. "I will, Murphy can't protect you all by himself and I will not let you deal with this alone." He said coming closer to her but she stepped back. "First of all, Murphy is not staying to protect me, I can do that myself. He is staying because I want him to stay. Second of all, I am not dealing with this alone, the Commander is helping me." She said to him and he scoffed.

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