Chapter 12

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Turns out, wherever Ari fled to after my little speech, it was far away from school. I caught faint whiffs of her scent in the halls and some of the classes, but the fragrance was too diluted by others, meaning she was no longer here. I was a little curious how she was able to get past the enforcers, but that would have to be a question for another day. I wished she were here, just so I could see that she was alright. 

It had been a rough day, what with how the morning started, then Ari’s seduction in class, and finally my public performance. Just as I expected, I had to put up with razzing from my friends, but nothing too bad. They obviously knew it was a touchy subject, being so fresh, so they had their fun for awhile and dropped it. After the bell rang signaling the end of the day, I gathered what I needed from my locker and made my way to Josh’s car, head down and shoulders sagging. 

“Hey Ashtyn, wait up!” 

I stopped and turned to see who had called out to me, “What’s up Adam?”

He jogged my way, “I was hoping I would catch you. My Alpha and Luna would like a word with you. It’s about Ari.”

My heart jumped in my throat and a slick sheen of sweat broke out on my forehead, “Is she okay? Did something happen to her?”

Adam rushed to reassure me, “Ari’s fine, she‘s at home resting, but they requested your presence because they said there are some things they need to discuss with you.”

Oh crap, that didn’t sound good, “I’m guessing they know what I did today.”

He just shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know for sure, but I saw some kids making phone calls and snapping a few pictures after your little speech so word is definitely making it’s way to the parentals.”

I groaned, as if my humiliation wasn’t bad enough in school, now it would spread throughout both packs. I knew what I was getting myself into when I made the decision to do what I did, so there was no use complaining about it now. Then another thought had me worried, “Is he…um…was the Alpha…mad?”

“Couldn’t say, I was in the middle of class when I got the order through our link telling me to bring you back with me.”

“Wait, so they want to see me today?”

He nodded, “Yeah, as in right now in fact.”

Shit, I was in trouble. The Alpha probably wanted to skin me alive for embarrassing his only daughter. What to do? I couldn’t refuse an outright request from an Alpha no matter how my balls were currently shriveling in fear. Besides, this wasn’t just some unknown Alpha, but hopefully my future father in law. That brought up thoughts of Ari and how I wanted to see her, I would do anything for her, even brave the wrath of her father just to see that she was alright.

Decision made, I sent a text to Josh letting him know I wouldn’t need a ride because I was heading to his uncle’s with Adam. It would have been much easier just to link with him, but ever since the threat of hunters had increased, strict rules were put in place to limit silent pack communication. This was so the direct lines to the Alpha’s of our pack were always clear in case a warning needed to be sent. Links between mates and any communications from the Alpha were the only ones still allowed as normal.

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