Chapter 19

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"What did you got Tyler?" I asked once I entered the living room, Selene, Travis, Tyler and Ace already there looking at the screen on the laptop.

"I found something from the cctv, three cctv was broken but this one not. The problem is The guy who started the fire using hoodie. We can't see his face" Tyler answer.

I sat down beside Tyler and Travis. Selene seems suprised to see the cctv. I focused on the cctv replay, and yes there was the guy who threw gasoline and fire in the back of my club.

"Who was the guard in the back that night?" I asked. There should be one guard in the back. That's the rule. But i can't find one in the cctv.

"About that, he was one of the victim whose died in the fire" Ace replied.

"That's weird. He should be in the back guarding the door. What did he do inside the club?" Tyler seems have a point there.

"Maybe he need to go to toilet or maybe drink?" Ace asked.

"Maybe but-" Tyler was about to continue when Selene pointed her finger towards the guy in the screen.

"Impossible! That's Dylan, kells. That's Dylan. I know that hoodie. Oh my god" Selene started panic but I quickly pulled her into my arms.

"Shhhh, you don't know what you saying, baby. Dylan as in Dylan Carson?" I asked. She nodded.

"I know that hoodie, you gotta believe me. Kells" She said in panic.

"We must make sure Dylan Carson is still in New York, first" Ace said.

"I'll go to New York with Tyler and check it" Travis offered.

I nodded at him, "good idea, also find this hoodie" I said pointing at the hoodie in the cctv screen.

"Kells, what if it's really Dylan? He can't do this. He is not this kind of person. He is a good guy" Selene said looking at me, I know she must be worried about that guy Dylan. She live for two years together with Dylan's parents.

"Come on, let's talk" I said as I lead her to our bedroom, Tyler and others only nodded at me. They understand I need to talk to Selene.

Once we reached the bedroom, Selena sat on the bed while I opened the window and lit my cigarette.

"Kells, can I go to new york instead? I miss Papa Carson" Selene said. I didn't turn back to her, I just looking out to the window.

"No, it's not for discussion. You will stay here with me. Where you belong if I let you go once again, I might lose you" I said as I closed my eyes then opened them again.

"Kells, wanna be honest with me?" She asked again. I turned back to her this time.

"About what?"

"Why me? You could have anyone else in this town, you know it" She said looking at me.

"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, you're humble, innocent, you cared about your brother. You just intrigued me. I don't know why I can't seems to forget you, we might met at the very wrong time but I didn't regret it" I said truthfully.

I know she will cry by the look on her eyes, I hate seeing her cry. It broke my heart. "Do not cry, selene. You must be strong for me. Can you do that?" I asked her.

"I just, Kells... I don't wanna lose you, you might be not the best guy in the world but when I am with you I feel safe. Do you know why I left ?"

I shook my head. "No, don't tell me that" I swallowed hard.

"I left because I can't be with you, I thought I can't. It will kill me If I ever lose you.. I was selfish thinking that Shiloh dead because of you... I keep saying that to myself but I know it's all not because of you. You did everything you can to save me. I should be there with you" She crying at this point.

I didn't say anything, I just went to hugged her. "You are everything that I need in life, Selene. My angel" I said.

"I am sorry about the other night, I lost my cool with you. I have very bad anger issue" I said. She laughs.

"I know, you always look mad though" she replied. She smiled at me then, I wiped her tears and we just sat there hugging each other.

"Kells, do you love me?" She asked in small voice.

"yes of course" i said kissing her forehad. Nowadays I barely think about sex though, I just think about my gang.

"Why you didn't touch me again then?" She asked looking at me. I frowned.

"Do you want me to ?" I asked dumbly at her making her laughs.

"Yeah but I think now is not the right time, your gang is getting bigger. I am proud of you, Kells" Selene said.

"Selene, if Dylan is the one who burned my club. You know I will not show him mercy, right?" I asked. I keep thinking about the possibility. Dylan seems harmless though, someone might have playing him as a puppet.

"Kells, i dont know. I just hope it's not true but If its really him then you must know that someone using him to get to you. He is not that kind of person" Selene explained. I dont know why but I feel annoyed she taking his side.

"Are you sure you never have feeling for him?" I asked.

"Yes, oh my god. Kells you have to trust me. You are the sexiest man in the planet" she said winking at me. I know she is just kidding but I like hearing it from her.

I kissed her lips and she kissed me back eventually. I just hope one day We will not worry about anything just me and her, together. I will be very happy if she stay with me forever.


After signed few papers in the warehouse, I met with Weston in one of my club. Weston smile when he spotted me walking to him.

"What's up?" I asked as I grabbed a beer on the table and drink it,

"I got a lead, It was Ian. He is still alive" Weston said. I nodded looking in the crowd. Few strippers already dancing in the pole, some horny guys throwing money to them and the others just dancing around.


"I have my way, he went to Ireland and stayed there since he playing dead to us. He went back last year, I got his passport, his name is Robin O'neill now. He changed anything but I know how to found him anyway" Weston proudly smile.

I swing the beer to the floor, it smashed to the floor and broke. People aware of that voice quickly ran outside.

"What the fuck! I WAS THINKING HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF FOR ME AND NOW SUDDENLY HE IS ALIVE! FUCKER" I yelled as I smashed few bottles again to the floor.

Weston sighs, "Kells, calm down. We need to locate his hiding. I am sure he is with lenox now" Weston said.

"Sure we will, I also want to know why he faked his death. That asshole" I said as I tried to calm my anger.

"That is why I have been working really hard to find him but he always switch places. I will try to ask police department though, they are useful for this kind of shit" Weston said.

I nodded at him. "Do whatever it takes to get him, If Ian faked his death then he planned to ruin me I will not show him mercy" I said shaking in anger. He was my friend. We were best friends but now he think he can ruin me by setting my club on fire.

"Do you know that Selene think it was Dylan Carson who burned the club?" I asked Weston. He nodded.

"Tyler called me saying he will go to New York to check but I already bet that Dylan is not In New York" He replied.

"If it's true I will kill them all"

"So Ian, Lenox and Dylan are now a team, what a joke!" Weston laughs. "Stupid team, they don't know what's coming for them" I said.


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