Chapter 1

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I walked around in the city where I grew up. It was a normal day just like the others, at least that's what I thought. I decided to walk to the forest, so I could find some inspiration to draw my sketches. That's what I always did when I needed some inspiration.

On my way to the forest, I saw that today was different. The beautiful blue sky was today all grey and it looked like it could rain at any moment. I was debating in myself wherever I should go or not but I was still determined to get the best sketches and so did I decided to go. I was always stubborn and always wanted to achieve anything my heart desired. That's what kept me going all this time and kept me strong.

I sat on a big rock and focused myself on the nature around me. I had always loved the nature. I could sit here all day and wouldn't get bored of it. I saw a little bird beautifully orange and red. I had never seen such a beautiful bird in my whole life. I smiled and started to draw the bird. I hoped it would stay in one place so I could finish my sketch.

My heart skipped a beat. I saw the bird changing in a big shadow and my eyes widened. I let my sketchbook fall on the ground out of shock. What was that? Where was the beautiful bird I admired so much?

"Clary!" I heard someone screaming and it was a female voice. I looked around me to see where the voice came from but I didn't succeed. The shadow hit me and I got pushed against the big three behind me.

I couldn't feel my body and my vision was blurred. I looked up and saw the shadow coming for me once again and I gasped in shock. Was I going to die? In my mind, I didn't see anything that could save me from this big dark shadow.

The shadow's energy felt so dark. I had never felt this much negative energy. It felt so dark and it screamed out death. It made me feel so powerless. The shadow was choking me and my lungs were longing for air. I tried to fight it back but everything I tried to do didn't seem to work.

I finally gave up and looked at the shadow once again.

I screamed and sat up. I felt the sweat on my forehead and I felt that my breathing was fast. I sighed and wiped away the sweat on my forehead and laid back down. Why was I always having the same nightmares over and over again?

For a couple of months, I started to get nightmares and what scared me the most was that it was every day the same, I died the whole time. I sighed.

I groaned when I remembered that today is my eighteenth birthday. I always hated my birthday and that was all because it reminded me of my parents. They left me when I was a little baby and I was in the foster care all the time.

My best friend Simon was the only one who cared for me and so did his mother. I met Simon at my secondary school and since then we have been together all the time. His mother helped me so much and now when I am finally old enough to live on my own, she helped to get an apartment.

I groaned again when I remembered that Simon would do anything to celebrate my birthday. I step out of my bed and walked towards the bathroom to make myself ready for the big day. However, that's how Simon always called every birthday of mine. I always preferred to call my birthday a disaster.

I showered, dressed myself up and brushed my teeth. I had preferred light makeup. I thought that tons of makeup just made someone look worse than they were thinking. I just never liked a lot of makeup.

My red long locks were always curly. I brushed them out, which gave a beautiful wavy effect and I decided to not do anything else and walked out of the bathroom to the living room.

I checked my phone and saw that Simon and his mum wished me and replied to them both back. I sighed and sat on the couch and not so long after that I heard someone knocking on the door and I knew it was Simon.

I ran with a smile towards the door and opened it and saw Simon with flowers in his hand.

"Happy birthday, Clary." He said and handed me over the beautiful flowers. They were blue and red, both of my favourite colours.

"Thank you, Simon." I said and gave him a kiss on his cheek to thank him again. He blushed and nodded his head and I let him walk inside my apartment and closed the door behind us.

"So are you liking your apartment, big girl?" He asked me and I laughed as he called me a big girl and I nodded.

"Yes, I am loving it so far." I admitted and he smiled. I hoped that he wouldn't speak about the plans for my birthday because I really didn't wanted to do anything.

"So what do you want to do?" He asked me and I rolled my eyes, which made Simon laugh. He knew that I never wanted to celebrate my birthday and he knew that he was forcing me into this. What a great best friend.

"I want to do nothing." I said truthfully and Simon sighed. He shook his head to show me that he disagreed with my decision, like every other year we celebrated my birthday.

"Come on, Clary. You are now eighteen! We will go clubbing." He said and my eyes widened when his words left his mouth. Did he meant that? I mean I knew that Simon was not that kind of a boy to go to the club. He nodded to answer my question and I smiled.

"Okay." I agreed and I could tell from Simon's face that he regretted bringing up the idea he had, which made it really funny. Poor Simon.

"Let's go for breakfast." He said and I nodded. We both walked out of my apartment and went to our favourite coffee shop. The funny fact was that both Simon and I thought that coffee is disgusting. We loved the doughnuts and the hot chocolate milk they sold.

After we arrived at the coffee shop, we both ordered the same thing. We both sat down on a table and waited for our order to be served.

"Clary, are you really sure you want to go clubbing?" He asked me and I laughed.

"Are you having second thoughts, Simon?" I asked and he immediately shook his head. He was a funny boy.

I looked outside and saw that the streets of Brooklyn were empty. It was because of the weather today. It was a rainy day and maybe because the universe knew that my birthday was a disaster.

My eyes widened when I saw a shadow just like the one in my nightmares. I gasped in shock and stood up right away. Simon looked at me in confusion.

"Clary, what are you doing?" He asked me and I pointed outside. Simon followed with his eyes the direction I was pointing at and was now even more confused then he was before.

"I don't see anything." He said in confusion and I looked at him.

"The shadows." I said and Simon frowned at me.

"Shadows?" He asked and I just realized that Simon did not knew. I didn't tell him about my nightmares. I sighed and shook my head.

"Nothing." I said and sat back down on the chair. Simon looked at me worried. I think he could tell that I was afraid.

"Are you okay?" He asked me and I looked at him and gave him a little smile to reassure him that I was fine.

"Yes, I am fine." I lied and he nodded. The shadow was just the one like in my nightmares. Did this mean anything? I sighed and had a bad feeling in my stomach. Something was going to happen and it was really bad. I could feel it.


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