real life

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Jas P.O.V.

I was eatin a bowl of cereal when i got a text message. I was very surprised to see it was Nick.

We need to talk ASAP please


Because i really want to talk to you about some stuff and i want to tell you something that i can only tell you as of now

Should i come


Alright ill come but this better not be some dumb shit

It wont be i promise

I cant believe this nigga texted me, but you know what im not gon be petty and im gon meet up with him. He might have some important shit to say. To be completely honest i really miss him.

*30 mins later fresh out the shower

I drove to Nick's apartment and knocked on the door, when he opened the door he looked sad as hell

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I drove to Nick's apartment and knocked on the door, when he opened the door he looked sad as hell. It looked like he had been crying.

"What's wrong?, i immediately asked.

Nahmir P.O.V.


"What's wrong?", she immediately asked

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"What's wrong?", she immediately asked. Damn i didnt think she'd care after all we've been through.
  I guess she could tell i had been crying. I let her in and got straight to the point.

Nahmir: Kayliee cheated on me

Jas: Really, you cryin over some bitch. Cmon now Nick

Nahmir: You already know how i felt about her. I was really fuckin with her you feel me. And why us you actin like that i thought you liked her

Jas: I never said i like her, i said i thought she was a nice girl and she would go places. But Nick that shit dont mean nothin, the matter at hand is she cheated on you. Did you break up with her

Nahmir: Hell yea. Im not finna stay with a bitch who share her pussy, fuck outta here

Jas: Exactly so all you gotta do now is show her. Show her you can do sooo much better without her and im sure she cant without you. You talented, smart, handsome, et cetera et cetera. Cmon Nick you cant be sittin around here mopin over some bitch who dont deserve you nor yo love. She a weird hoe

Nahmir: Thank you for comin even though we aint on the best terms right now. And thank you for the kind words because a bitch really broke a young nigga heart. I also wanna apologize for the shit ive said to you. All the shit was for her and im now realizing she was a bum ass ape lookin hoe who dont deserve shit from my ass. Im really fuckin sorry for makin you feel a certain way

Jas: Thank you but you not the only one. You was right because i was hidin shit from you that was important in a friendship like that. I shouldve told you what was goin on instead of makin you feel like i aint trust you with shit like that when you can trust me with shit like that. It was very wrong of me

Nahmir: Yea. Whats his name? Yo boyfriend i mean

Jas: His name is Trav

Nahmir: Oh

Jas: Yea

Nahmir: Well i hope we can be friends again because i really really miss you on some g shit

Jas: I miss you too and i wanna be friends again too but we gotta work on our trust ya know. We cant just jump back into bein bestfriends and end up fuckin up once again because its wayyy too much for me

Nahmir: I feel you. So we cool?

Jas P.O.V.

I was about to say yea but then i looked very close on his face and saw bruises and cuts.
  I swear to Jesus Christ if this bitch put her hands on him, im gon find her and whoop the ape off her ole ugly filter face ass, bitch.
  "Nick whats all that shit on yo face?"

"What shit?"

"Nick dont play fuckin dumb with me right now because if that hoe put her hands on you im gon whoop her ass all the way back to fuckin Mexico ole raggedy ass bitch."

"Aye dont get hype for no reason. She didnt hit me."
This dude really take me for to play with. We was literally over here talkin bout trust and he gon lie straight to my fuckin face.

"Nick i know you lyin. When did this shit start happenin and how. Plus why the fuck didnt you call me to beat her ass. I know you might think since she a female its not a problem but yes the fuck it is because society has it as you a nigga so you cant hit her ass back."

"Alright alright. It started happenin like 4 months ago. I was on my phone zoned out and she thought i was ignorin her textin a female. So we got into a whole ass argument over it and she grabbed her key and cut my face with it. So my auntie had me seemin like a gay ass nigga havin to cover it up with makeup and shit. I wouldve called you but i actually loved this girl and i wasnt willin to give up on her ass. So i just dealt with it. And yea at times i did want to hit her ass back but like you said im a nigga so."

"I understand. But when i see her ass its really on sight and im deadass serious. Who the fuck she think she is? She dont fuckin hit my fuckin people and just happily skip her ass away. I really wished you wouldve rocked her shit one good ass time. Nigga or not, female or not. And then she was scratching yo ass with keys-"

"Okay okay damn. But im glad we can be back cool and shit. I really love yo ass you my rock and a real ass motherfucker."

"I love yo highlighter ass too. And imma call yo ass soon so we can hang out on some one on one shit, ight?"

"Ight. Bye i love you."

"I love you too. Hasta Luego!!!"

"Hasta Luego!!!"

Im really glad that went well!

Nahmir P.O.V.

Im really glad that went well!

I need to take my ass to sleep i got school in the mornin😂


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