♡You And I|Part Three♡

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"No way!" you laughed as Prince and Mayte grinned at you. Prince had that mischievous glint in his eyes, the one that made him so notorious. He picked up his tea cup, taking a sip of his tea before setting it down again.

"Oh yes," he nodded, turning to Mayte. "It's the perfect plan,"

"And it'll drive Michael nuts," Mayte giggled.

"Trust me, (Y/N)," Prince let out a breath, bringing his eyes to focus on you. "This idea is going to play out wonderfully,"


For two days, you had stayed with Prince and Mayte. Since you and Mayte possessed similar body types, she lent you her clothes, even telling you that you could keep a few. Prince had been the ultimate friend - never ceasing to keep you entertained with his jokes and riddles.

You were a little sad, though, because Michael hadn't displayed any sort of intentions to find you. He hadn't even tried to call.

You had tried not to think about it, but it hurt like hell.

Nevertheless, as you stood before the full length mirror in your temporary bedroom, Mayte couldn't help but gasp as you turned, admiring your red dress.

"Shit," Mayte laughed. "You're so beautiful!" she shook her head. And you had to agree.

The red brought out your complexion, making you look like a goddess. Of course, Mayte had lent you one of her gowns, and it fit you perfectly.

You couldn't have been more thankful for her.

"Thank you, Mayte," you smiled at her. "I love it," you grinned.

"You know what, you look way better than me in that dress, I want you to keep it," she smiled.

"Oh, no...I couldn't-"

"Nuh uh," she held her hand up. "No arguments,"

After a moment, the two of you burst into laughter before you heard a knock at the bedroom door. Prince opened the door, widening his eyes when he saw you.

"Damn," he shook his head. "(Y/N), is that you? I need to find (Y/N), where is she? We're supposed to go to the grammys together,"

You laughed, shaking your head.

"Hardy har har," you rolled your eyes. "Very funny,"

"Isn't she gorgeous?!" Mayte clapped as Prince walked up to her, kissing her softly.

"She does," he nodded. "You picked out the perfect dress for her," he smiled at Mayte before walking up to you.

"Now," he held his hand out like a true gentleman. "Shall we go, milady?"

You giggled and nodded, taking his hand.

"We shall, good sir,"


You got out of the car as Prince helped you out. Cameras were everywhere, and as soon as the evening air hit you - you felt the festive vibe. People were chattering all over the place, making you slightly anxious. As soon as you got out of the car, people began to swarm.

Prince held your hand tightly, and your eyes widened when you saw Michael in the distance - standing with Madonna. He was smiling, and holding her hand as well. You pursed your lips when you saw how low her dress was, exposing her breasts.

But you looked better, and you knew it.

"Don't worry, love," Prince whispered in your ear. "You're the best looking one here,"

You broke into a smile as a female interviewer walked up to the two of you.

"Prince!" she smiled. "(Y/N)!" she looked at your dress. "I must say, you look wonderful tonight! The both of you do!"

"Well thank you very much," Prince smiled.

"So, tell me more about the event tonight. Didn't you want to bring Mayte?" she looked at Prince.

"Well, Mayte wasn't feeling too well this evening," he laughed. "And (Y/N), here, was kind enough to accompany me,"

"Well you both looking ravishing this evening! You two make the cutest pair!" the interviewer grinned.

"Thank you," you giggled before you spotted Michael, looking at you. Madonna was talking to an interviewer, holding onto your man's arm tightly.

You groaned inwardly, you wanted to slap her silly.

As you hung onto Prince, you could tell that Michael was suspicious - and that he wanted to talk to you. His eyes scanned your form, making him run his tongue over his bottom lip.

You wanted to smile at him, you wanted to talk to him, you really did. But then you thought about how easily he chose Madonna over you.

And so you did the next best thing. You let out a small scoff and turned to Prince - kissing his cheek.

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