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I have been waiting so long to write this chapter you have no idea


a few days later,

📍Los Angeles, California

itsrosastark: I got my fake bangs in and I'm ready for business ❤2,518,915 likes, 💬1,815,815 comments[tagged: @tomholland2013 @iamhalsey @j_corden

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itsrosastark: I got my fake bangs in and I'm ready for business
2,518,915 likes, 💬1,815,815 comments
[tagged: @tomholland2013 @iamhalsey @j_corden


"I'm joined tonight by Rosa Stark, Tom Holland and Halsey for spill your guts or fill your guts!" The host said as the audience in front of them clapped as the four sat around the table. James Corden and Tom sat on one side, while Ashley and Rosa sat on the other side. "This time, it's team UK Vs team USA!" the audience clapped once more.

"Today we have an array of disgusting foods here," James spun the table around. "a shot of hot sauce, crickets, cow tongue, deep fried butter," Tom looked like he was stuck between questioning how they made that and wether or not it would make him sick. "a salmon smoothie, a shot of mayo and soy sauce, a thousand year old egg," Ashley hid her face in Rosa's shoulder, gagging. "bird saliva, chicken feet, pickled pigs' feet juice and our good ol' friend, the bull penis!"

Now it was Rosa's time to gag. James laughed at the girls' reactions.

"Now, if one person on your team refuses to eat, you both must eat the thing in front  of you. Rosa is going to be asking Tom, Tom will be asking Halsey, Halsey will ask me and I will be asking Rosa. Now, my lovely Rosa, why don't you go first."

She picked up the card and her eyes scanned over the questions. "What food?" Ashley asked her.

"Oh," Rosa replied. "he's never answering this." She spun the table around, tapping her finger on her chin. "Now, based on his... hilarious reaction to this... I'm going to give Thomas the deep fried butter." She smirked as his face contorted into one of nausea. "Tommy..."

"Oh no."

"You have three brothers-" she laughed as his eyes widened. "I'm kidding. Which song on my new album is you're least favourite?" Ashley covered her mouth with her hand to stop herself from laughing.

Tom picked up the butter gingerly. "Wha- How?"

"Tom, no, not on the first one." James tried to convince him.

"Sorry, mate." They both bit into the butter. Tom was quick to spit it out and take a long gulp of water, but James managed to swallow it. "Right, my turn." Tom said as he shook his head quickly, sticking his tongue out, hoping to get rid of the odd taste.

"Ashley, Ashley, Ashley... I am going to give you the..." Tom spun the table around multiple times, only stopping when both girls complained. "Alright, alright. The bird's saliva." Ashley picked up the glass, sniffed it and immediately gagged, her blue hair falling in front of her face.

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