Chapter 5

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A few weeks after Felix found out about the trip, he was in school sitting next to Seungmin and Jisung talking about random crap that they did on the weekend. You know, the usual. But Felix had other things on his mind. Those other things being the meeting with the other school that was going to take place today about the camp. He kept imagining the camp, meeting new people and having fun with his cabinmates.
As Jisung was in the middle of a rant about how his brother called him a squirrel, the bell rang for the first block. Felix jumped up and started speedwalking to his classroom without saying a word to his friends. Jisung and Seungmin looked at each other, confused. They shrugged and began to follow him.

In class, Felix was biting his fingernails and drumming his fingers on his desk. He might have had a bit too much coffee this morning, but at that moment, he didnt care. He looked at the clock.

He looked again.

And again.

"Alright class, at around 10:00, the students from the other district (A/N 😏) will be coming in so we can discuss the summer camp. I hope you all don't mind. If you do, too bad, they're coming anyway." The teacher, Mr Seong, said to the students. Felix's eyes widened and he stopped tapping his fingers. '10:00? Its only 9:10!' He thought. He sighed and pouted. "Anything wrong with that, Felix?" Mr Seong asked impatiently. "Uhh.. No sir." Felix replied.
After an excruciatingly boring 50 minutes of history, Felix heard a knock on the classroom door. His head shot up to look at all of the new potential friends. His eyebrows furrowed a bit when he realised that these people didn't look very nice. He swore he saw a tattoo on one of their necks, but he wasn't going to judge. "Come in, come in." Mr Seong said. The door opened.


A little earlier...

Changbin was sitting on the crowded bus with his earphones in, staring out the window and grumbling about how much he didn't want to be here. Hyunjin, who was sitting next to him, was desperately trying to cheer him up, but the older wasn't paying attention. Chan and Woojin were sitting behind them, giggling at Changbin's mood. Hyunjin shot them a glare. 'Help me!' He mouthed. Chan shook his head and laughed.

After a boring hour- long bus ride, the students arrived at the school. Changbin's eyes widened. This school was huge! As he stepped inside the gates, he looked around in awe. Hyunjin grunted. "So you're telling me I tried for that entire bus ride to get you to cheer up, and all it took was for you to see some silly school?"

"Shut up."

"Wow, you're so witty today." Hyunjin retorted.

Mrs Park led them to a classroom full of kids about Changbin's age. Changbin wondered where all the seniors were. Mrs Park knocked on the door, and Changbin tried to look as intimidating as possible, to show the other students not to mess with him. He almost laughed at a boy inside the classroom that almost fell off his chair from either excitement or shock, he didnt know. Chang in heard a muffled "come in" and stepped inside.


Aaah, filler chapters. Aren't they great? I'm literally just making this up as I go along and I'm not editing, so don't judge too hard! 😂😂

I hope you like it! 💕

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