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       Welcome to my story, Teacher Crush. Below I have listed the characters in this story. I will continue to update this as I write if a new character makes an appearance. If you're ever curious about the information on a character you can come here. I'll let you know when I update so you can check back! Thank you!
P.s. Keep in mind that this is all fictional, some things may be true but I may have also changed some things as well.
Characters List;
Michael Jackson
Olivia Garcia
Rosie Garcia
Triniti Davis
Ebony Jonson
Chyna Santiago
Indea McHall
Mishell Stone
Diana Jacai
Bryson Carter
Jared Amato
Diana Richards


Role; English teacher and first friend to OliviaMore information; Michael grew up in Indiana with 10 other siblings

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Role; English teacher and first friend to Olivia
More information; Michael grew up in Indiana with 10 other siblings. His father, Joseph Jackson, was in a musical group called The Jackson Legacy, prior to his birth. The group consisted of him and his brothers Lawrence and Luther Jackson. Because of this, Michael inherited a lot of money from his father. His siblings have all parted ways and barely keep in contact other than his sisters, Janet Jackson, Latoya Jackson and brothers, Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie Jackson. His mother, Katherine Jackson, moved back into their childhood home located at 2300 Jackson street in Gary, Indiana. He will visit her as much as possible but normally it's 2 weeks out of the year. He has only been teaching for two years. He was born African American but suffers from vitiligo causing his skin to lighten.


Role; New student of Michael Jackson. Daughter to Rosie Garcia. Best friend to Triniti Davis.
More information; Olivia was born and raised in New York City. She stayed to herself and never really had any close friends. She wasn't popular but she never had an issue with anyone in her old school. Moving was easy for her, the only hard part was leaving her grandparents. She doesn't enjoy the large crowds and endless city noise, so Ohio is a pleasant change for her. She was born Spanish American. Her father, José Garcia gave her 50% spanish, while her mother Rosie, gave her 50% american. The American happens to be more dominant.


Role; Mother to Olivia Garcia
More information; Rosie grew up in New York City. Her father, Charles Smith, and mother, Alison Smith, moved there while pregnant. Charles helped build the World Trade Center which was why they moved. Her parents remain in New York City while her and Rosie are now residing in Ohio. Her natural hair color was dirty blonde, but she changed it to just blonde at age 17 to present. Her husband, José Garcia, who is also the father to Olivia Garcia, left both Rosie and Olivia before Olivia turned 4. They haven't heard from him since. Rosie is full american. She is stuck with the last name due to having insufficient funds for a name change and her husband running off before divorcing her.


Role; Best friend to Olivia Garcia.
More information; Triniti Davis has lived in Ohio all her life. She has many similarities with Olivia, one being that they both keep to themselves. However neither of the two take shit from anyone. She's very friendly, but she's never had a best friend until she met Olivia. The two become inseparable.


Role; Second friend to Olivia. First friend in her age group. Best friends to Indea, Chyna and Mishell. Eventual enemy to Olivia
More information; Ebony was born into money. This caused her to think she had more entitlement than anyone else. She was known as the Queen B of the group, and the school. She was born in Ohio and has been best friends with Chyna since she was 3. She met Indea and Mishell in middle school and introduced them to Chyna. She was voted in the top 3 of the prettiest girls in the school since 6th grade to now. She's never had a boyfriend but has had many male "friends". She is popular but only because she is mean.


Role; Best friend to Ebony since age 3. Enemy to Olivia.
More information; Chyna grew up in Ohio. She became best friends with Ebony in daycare when they were age 3. She was voted in the top 3 of the prettiest girls of the school since 6th grade. She is meaner than Ebony and treats Mishell and Indea as her minions. This means they do her dirty work for her. She happens to be the meanest girl in the group.


Role; Minion to Chyna, friend to Ebony, enemy by association to Olivia.
More information; Indea is one of the nicer girls in the group. She follows Chyna like a lost puppy and sticks to her "script". She grew up in Florida but moved to Ohio to escape the heat.


Role; Minion to Chyna. Friend to Ebony. Enemy by association to Olivia.

More information; Mishell is the "dumb" one of the group. She is never caught up with what the girls are doing and is often scolded at by Chyna for zoning out. She grew up in Texas but moved to Ohio. She is the friendliest of the group, but shows no friendly trait.


Role; Girlfriend to Michael Jackson
More information; Diana moved to Ohio from California to teach college. She lost her job and began working at a restaruant to get money so she can move back. This is a piece of information she keeps hidden from Michael.


Role; Friend of Triniti and Olivia. Eventual boyfriend to Olivia
More information; Bryson grew up in Ohio. He's among one of the most popular boys in his school. He plays quarterback in football for the school. He is friendly but doesn't talk to anyone who doesn't seem like they are below his "level". He doesn't normally do relationships, he is more of the player type.


ROLE; Love interest and eventual boyfriend to Triniti Davis. Best friend to Bryson Carter
More information; Jared Amato was born and raised in Ohio. He always wanted to talk to Triniti but didn't work up the courage to do so until his best friend Bryson Carter introduced them. He isn't present in school a lot, but happens to be very popular like his best friend. He isn't the player type and is friendlier than Bryson. He likes to keep to himself but is very funny as well. This is the reason he and Triniti click so well.

Role; Ex girlfriend of Michael Jackson from their teenage years.
More information; Diana Richards grew up with Michael Jackson in Gary, Indiana and later moved an hour away from his childhood home in her adult life. She continuously cheated on, lied to, and embarrassed Michael within their relationship. Michael was temporarily damaged before eventually getting over it on his own. Seeing her can bring him back to a dark place. However, she never got over her feelings for him once she realized her life after losing him.

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