play it cool when it comes to love

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michael wheeler always thought he was going to be the one to teach eleanor hopper what love was.

since the girl had spent a majority of her life trapped in hawkins lab, she had little to no knowledge of the real world.

he never thought that she would be the one who would show him what love was.

for two years, he had been dreading the 'love' question from the flannel-wearing girl who he also called his girlfriend.

in fact, the entire party had tried to prepare him once in an urgent meeting in the highschool's A.V. room.

the freckle faced boy could still recall the chilly november day vividly.

"okay, so, el is going to ask soon." max said matter-of-factly.

"wait, she hasn't asked what love means yet?" lucas asked as he wrapped his arm around max's waist.

"i don't think she's heard the word before, except from hopper." mike shrugged.

"what the hell? you haven't told her you love her?" dustin gasped, setting down a chip he was previously munching on.

"well, no..." mike scratched the back of his neck.

"that's lame. even for you, mike." will mumbled, the rest of the party nodding along with him.

"we're only fifteen! isn't that too soon?" mike rose his eyebrows.

"for you two, no!" max flailed her arms in the air.

mike rolled her eyes at max's remark. although el was back, mike still found the girl to be rather irritating at times.

"alright dipshits, back off of him." steve interrupted, walking up to mike and placing his hand on his shoulder.

"what are you even doing here?! you're supposed to be in class!" lucas scoffed.

"so are you!" steve replied.

"we're supposed to be in lunch right now." will meekly said.

steve looked around at the freshman awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

"anyways, just play it cool." steve changed the topic back to the original conversation.

"play it cool?" mike asked, clearly confused.

"yeah, play it cool." steve advised, patting mike's back.

the entire party, (excluding steve) shared confused glances at steve's advice.

'play it cool.'

mike lightly chuckled, remembering the endless bickering that went on for the rest of the lunch period.

although the rest of the party found steves advice to be useless, mike seemed to be the only one who took note of how steve had a girlfriend at the moment.

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