A Challenger Appears

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"I have to go to work now."

Geoff either didn't hear him or he didn't care. His eyes were taped to the episode of Steven Universe that was playing on Awsten's almost vintage laptop. The older boy laid on the couch, feet dangling off the end of the brown leather sofa. Awsten had gotten the couch from a friend a few years back and the leather was starting to crack all those years ago. A new couch was in his future whenever he got the money. Geoff sat up slowly, yawning. He stretched his hands over his head causing the hem of the yellow shirt Awsten lent him to ride up very slightly, exposing a light trail of hair.

"I'm not leaving you here." Awsten explained, exhaling softly. It wasn't that he didn't trust Geoff, although yeah, he didn't. He just met the guy yesterday or if you wanted to get technical, very early this morning. "Get dressed." Awsten dropped the clothes on Geoff's lap. Awsten had spent the last fifteen minutes going through his closet trying to find something that would fit Geoff. Shirts were easy. He always got his things a few sizes too large. Pants was more of the issue. Geoff was a bit taller than Awsten and a bit heavier.

"Sweatpants? Really?" Geoff mused, inspecting the pair of grey sweats. Awsten wasn't a fan of track pants but they always came in handy when he was traveling. Flying in jeans was a pain he never wanted to experience again. "It's like you're trying to make me ugly." Even if Awsten was trying, he wasn't exactly succeeding. He'd never tell Geoff that though.

"You're taller than me. My jeans won't fit you with those fucking giraffe legs." Awsten's head was killing him. Last night was a warning for this morning. He had already taken three painkillers and his head was still on the verge of exploding. Geoff scoffed at the choice of sweater Awsten had given him. It was a pastel pink hoodie. Awsten had tried to pick one of the more neutral pieces in his wardrobe. It was either the pink hoodie or a multicolored knitted jumper.

"What do you even want me to do all day?" Geoff sort of thought that he was just going to spend the day in Awsten's shitty little apartment. It was a disaster zone. Clothes were everywhere. When Geoff first had walked into the place, he was greeted by Guess, Gucci, Puma, Supreme and the rest of them. If Geoff loved video games, then Awsten adored clothes. The only real piece of furniture he had other than the couch and his bed was an end table for his laptop. It was clear that clothing was more of a priority than the state of his apartment. "You're working."

"You're coming with me and helping me find my soulmate." Awsten stated obviously. He didn't think that this was a conversation they should even be having. It wasn't normal to leave a stranger alone with all of your belongings, let alone your designer clothing. Even if he wasn't worried about the state of his specialty sneakers, Awsten only had a year to find his soulmate and get them to fall in love with him. He needed all the help he could get and he needed it right now.

"So I'm just supposed to hang out at your work all day trying to find them for you?" Geoff argued, more irritated than angry. He was tired. He had so much to catch up on. Games. Movies. Books. TV shows. The world didn't stop for him when he died. He had too much to catch up on to be hanging around Awsten's work all day. Awsten sighed, looking at his phone quickly. 7:23AM. The fluffy dog set as his lockscreen made him smile, even if it was just for a second.

"Look, I don't really have time to fight you on this. My shift starts in half hour." Awsten was ready to launch into a rather loud lecture but before he got the chance, Geoff rose from the couch. Awsten was ready for his morning coffee when he woke up almost an hour and a half earlier. An hour and a half ago, he was in a good mood despite the throbbing in his head. An hour and a half ago, his hopes and dreams were crushed. The twenty-three year old had forgotten to pick up more from the store.

"We're getting coffee." Geoff grumbled begrudgingly, before locking himself into the tiny bathroom to change. He emerged a couple minutes later in the odd outfit, hood pulled up over his head. Awsten made a mental note that pink suited the other boy. It brought out his sun-kissed skin, which confused Awsten a bit. How did a dead gamer have darker skin than him? "For the record, wake me up fifteen minutes early next time. I wanted a shower." Geoff tossed the dirty clothes into the small pile of his clothes forming near the foot of couch.

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