Dentist Troubles

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Liam- Daddy
Niall- Papa
Louis and Harry (twins)- 5

Niall cursed under his breath as he checked the calendar for the week's plans. He had completely forgotten about the fact that Louis and Harry had dentist appointments tomorrow until now. He knew from past experiences that Lou and Haz absolutely DESPISED the dentist, more so Harry, who didn't like anything to do with doctors and dentists or generally anyone coming at him with tools and scary masks.

This was going to be a nightmare.

"Li?" Niall called his husband when he heard him coming down the stairs. He had just finished showering and making sure both boys were asleep.
"Look at this," Niall instructed, gesturing to the dreaded day on the calendar. Liam looked closer, and Niall saw his face drop a bit when he saw what was happening tomorrow. The brown haired man groaned, rubbing a hand over his face.
"Are you sure it's tomorrow?" Niall nodded.
"Yeah. I'm nervous about Lou; he lost a tooth just last week. Remember his fear that something was going to get stuck inside the gap? He won't want anyone going in his mouth," Niall added.

"Well, we get through it every time. This time shouldn't be any different," Liam reassured his husband, rubbing his arm a bit in comfort. Niall nodded, loosely wrapping his arms around Liam and pecking his lips.


"Where are we going?" Louis asked the next morning as Liam and Niall helped the boys into their clothes.
"Uh, we're not going to tell you yet," Liam explained nervously, knowing that if they told them now the boys would never get in their car seats.
"Ooh, is it a surprise?!" Harry asked eagerly, bouncing in his car seat a little.
"I guess you could say that," Liam chuckled before hopping Into the passenger seat.

The drive went pretty smooth, surprisingly. The only trouble they had was the fact that Louis and Harry had to ask where they were going every few minutes. It was only when they pulled into the unfortunately familiar place that the car went silent. . .for about a minute, and then the two boys started crying.

"No! No! No d'ntist!" Harry sobbed as Niall opened the door, doing a favour for Liam and picking the more challenging child.
"Hazza, we do this every year and you're fine, baby," Niall told him as Harry fought the man, batting his hands and face away as he screeched.
"Stop it right now, Harry!" Niall lost his patience as the boy kept fighting, and that seemed to whip him back into place.

Meanwhile, Liam had made a bit more progress than Niall, but Louis was still upset and crying. The little boy was talking about the hole in his mouth (the gap where he lost a tooth) and how he wasn't going to let anyone touch him and how sad of a day it was.

"Boys," Liam said to the twins, quite loudly for that matter. The car went silent once again. "Thank you. Now, just like Papa said, we do this every year and you're fine. You need to stop these tears. If you do, and are good boys during the appointment, we'll stop for ice cream on the way home," Liam knew it wasn't ideal to take the twins out for ice cream after a dentist appointment, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Luckily, after a few more minutes of reassurance, the twins calmed down a bit and they were able to go inside. The boy's held tightly onto their daddies' hands, Harry even biting his fingernails; a nervous tick of his.
"No, buddy. Don't do that," Liam reprimanded, taking his hand out of his mouth.

Once inside, Liam sat down with Louis and Harry while Niall checked them. Liam tried to get them to play with some toys, but the twins just stayed glued to him.

"Louis? Harry?" a nurse called out after they had been sitting for a little bit.
"Daddy," Harry whimpered, clinging onto Liam as the man stood up, Niall doing the same with Louis.
"It's going to be okay, honey. Be my good big boy," Liam encouraged as they walked down the hall.

"How are you all doing today?" the nurse, whose name was Susan, asked as they walked into a room where's another nurse was waiting.
"We're all a little nervous," Niall chuckled. The dentist office was a very open concept, the room they were in had many chairs all aligned, instead of rooms for each one. It was easier for Liam and Niall so they wouldn't have to keep switching rooms to make sure the boys were as comfortable as possible.

"It's expected. I'm Susan, and this is Michelle," both nurses introduced each other, and then asked a few questions to the little boys before leading the timid lads into the chairs.

"No!" Harry cried out, clinging onto Liam like his life depended on it as tears sprung in his eyes. Louis, of course, got scared too, and clung onto Niall. Both men sighed.

"Shh, it's okay, Haz. Daddy and Papa and Lou-Lou will be here the whole time. There's no need to be scared," Liam soothed, rubbing the boy's back. He sent the nurses an apology look.

She waved him off.
"Yeah, bud! It's okay. I might have a sticker for you and your brother if you let me clean your teeth!" the twins seemed interested in stickers, so Harry and Louis both sat in the chairs.

"Okay, so I'm just going to take this little mirror and look at those teeth," Michelle told Louis, but the boy kept his mouth shut.
"Papa! M-my hole!" he whimpered.
"Sorry, he lost a tooth not long ago and he's scared that something's going to get into the gum hole," Niall chuckled.
"Ohh! Well, I can assure you, bud, that nothing will get in there except for maybe some water," the assured him, and Louis let her look.

After the nurses checked their mouths, they began cleaning their teeth with a little machine that made a weird buzzing noise. At first the boys were scared, Harry and Louis almost breaking into tears again, but then they realised that it wasn't so scary, and it tickled! After that, they flossed and brushed their teeth, which was the easy part. Before they new it, it was over.

"For being such good boys, you can both go home with a new toothbrush AND a sticker!" Susan cheered, holding two baskets with the said items.

"Thank you so much! You two are the most patient ladies we've ever met," Niall laughed as Louis and Harry took their time picking out their prizes.
"You're welcome! We love those two. They were pretty good. Believe me, there have been much, much worse."
"Yeah," Liam laughed. "Well, have a good day!" they all bid goodbye when Louis and Harry had picked their prizes. On the way home, the got ice cream for being good.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. Even if the boys still hated the dentist, it was slowly getting easier every year.

Author's Notes-

Who else hates the dentist?? 🤚

I'm slowly but surely getting requests done. Sorry it's taking so long! Next one is Zayn centric 😍

Hope you enjoyed!


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