chapter 2

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peep opened the steel gate to the house as ariana followed close behind him. he started to push through all the random people standing outside and partying. there was probably way more people that were inside.

ariana noticed he was still gripping onto her hand. which she definitely wasn't complaining about. even if they had just met she liked the warmth his hand held.

once they got through all the people they walked through the front door. ariana guessed right. there was more people inside. which gus pushed through also while heading towards the backyard.

peep then walked over to a large
group of guys. that had were all talking, smoking, and drinking out of there cups.

gus then let go of her hand once they were not standing by them. which made her a little sad not feeling the warmth of his hand against hers. it was stupid that she felt like that because it probably didn't even matter to him.

"yo guys" he yelled trying to be more loud than the blaring music. which conveniently he had been since all of there heads turned towards him.

"dis my new friend ariana. ariana this is tracy, wicca phase, horsehead, bexey, coldhart, and yunggoth, this is most of gbc." he introduced her to them as he pointed to all of them.

'gbc? what is that?'
ariana thought. she never had
heard that term before.

a girl then walked over. she had black short hair and had only a few noticeable tattoos on her. she then made her way towards peep.

"ion almost forgot this is arzaleya, my girl" peep said while smiling and hugging her close to his eyes.


"i'm ariana" she smiled a little bit being
her socially awkward self. ariana held her hand out to her but arzaleya just nodded at ariana being disinterested. ariana then pulled her hand away.

which ariana being sensitive to certain things made her take it offensively and rude like. which honestly it was a bit rude.


gus had walked off with arzaleya and
a few of the other guys. they probably went to go smoke or drink. she honestly wished she hadn't come right now. if she knew gus was just going to ditch her she would've never had agreed.

she noticed some random guy starting to walk over to her. she was just standing all alone thinking to herself still in the backyard distancing herself from the rest party. she was just going leave.

"damn ma you mighty fine" the random guy exclaimed.

he had face tattoos like gus and his hair was pitch black with a beanie on. his either was really drunk or had a lisp because most of his words were slurred.

ariana just rolled her eyes and turned away from him trying to ignore him at much as possible.

"ooh you fiesty ma that's how I like em" his profuse use of slang words annoyed her and she just kept ignoring him hoping he would go somewhere else.

"ma how bout you and me go find somewhere private and let me tap dat babygirl" he said biting his lip looking like those cringey musically kids that would grind on the floor.

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