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This isn't the Traci that killed that man, this is another Traci in the game 😂. Just a clarification so I don't get messages telling me otherwise.

Ps: make more Traci gifs for whomever makes them 💀 there's only two of the blue haired one.

THIS WAS WRITTEN BY BloodandKnives (check out my DBH ONE SHOTS)

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Request by @curlyboygb

It was late, and the night was on the colder side, as you rubbed your arms to warm them

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It was late, and the night was on the colder side, as you rubbed your arms to warm them. You were walking down an alley, a shortcut back to your house, until you saw an Android. You didn't know it's name or anything, even though it looked like one of those Traci models, with long blue hair, tied back in a low ponytail.

Its arm was ripped off, its leg wasn't the correct one it needed.

"It needs some fixing." You thought to yourself.

You picked up the broken android and brought it home. You couldn't just leave it there. It seemed too cruel. Anyway, you had the parts that you needed in order to fix the Android.

Once you got home, you grabbed the spare legs and arms that it needed. You got to work by putting the leg that was the correct one on the Android. You put an arm on the Android as well.

Within a few more hours, you were finished. You decided to name the Android, Rachel. The Android looked like a female, cute, amazing and adorable. You smiled at what you had accomplished. It was beautiful, but then again, it had to be for the perverts at the Eden Club.

Wiping the blue blood from it's face, you saw it's face better. Even a machine was stunning. Too bad it couldn't feel for itself—even if you did want it as a girlfriend.

It started to wake up, it was slightly confused.

"H-hello?" It said, looking at you.

"Hello Rachel." You fixed its clothes.

"M-my name...?" It questioned.

"Is Rachel, yes." You responded, taking its hand to show the Android around. "Do you like your name?"

It nodded. "Yes."

Maybe you shouldn't call her an "it". She was too human for that word.

You showed Rachel around and it liked the place. You even gave her some clothes. She smiled and eventually got used to you. You were so proud of what you have done.

"What about the club? What if they find me!?" Rachel blurted out, her LED red, and her brown eyes wide.

You held her hand, and looked right into her orbs.

"I will keep you safe here. No one will take you back there." You said.

"You promise? That I'll be safe?"

You nodded. "I promise."

The deal was sealed as she wrapped her arms around your torso without hesitation. With a small blush, and a smile, you felt happiness thrive within you.

Ahhhhh! Sorry it's so short!!! I tried to do what I got. Hopefully this'll be good, who knows. XD Follow me Shiro-spacedad  and read my DBH One Shots!! I need more requests! I did this chapter (or request) because the author (who's my best friend) was getting a new phone and she had me to do this for her. YOURE WELCOME LIZZY!! Love you!!

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