Chapter 11; Good Terms

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Recap; A few minutes later the door opened and Olivia looked over to see Michael walk out. He joined Olivia at the table and let out a sigh while he admired the nature. "Well, welcome home, Liv." He said in a soft but sweet tone. Olivia continued to stare off into the yard. No more words had been exchanged between the two. They continued to sit in silence . . .

After a few minutes, Olivia broke the silence. "Is my mom coming back out?" Olivia asked. "She was seeing Triniti out and went into the guest room to take a nap." Michael said. "Well, I guess I better go inside then." Olivia said. "Wait. Liv." Michael said. "Why are you avoiding me?" He asked. "Don't ask me that Michael. You know the reason. I can't be alone with you. Moving here was a bad idea." Olivia began. "Ouch." Michael replied. "Well, I'm not going to be that way Liv. I just want your friendship. Hear me out, please." Michael begged. Olivia sighed. "How come you've never showed me your yard before? Like, I've seen this... but it's huge back here. I want to see it all." Olivia responded. Michael smirked. "Well, come on then Liv!" He said. They both got up from their seats and Michael led the way. They were walking and Michael stopped at the trampoline. "So this fun outdoor item here is called a trampoline. How it works is-" Michael teased her and was cut off. "You must think I have been living under a rock!" Olivia laughed. Michael joined in on her laughter and continued to walk. "You know Michael, I didn't even want to end our friendship. It hurt me. You were the first friend I made here. Although, that's kind of weird... right?" Olivia asked. "I don't think so. It can be hard to make friends. But you made more friends here. I was just the first. And it meant more to me. As you can see, I only live with money, I've never had a genuinely real friendship that lasted. You showed me different. I think that's where all those feelings came from too. That may be a bit weird." He half joked. "How did you get all this money?" Olivia asked. "That's rude of me, I'm sorry." She quickly apologized. "No, no. It's fine, Liv. My father used to be in a very widely known, famous singing group. After he passed, I inherited it. Not just me. I have siblings. But as you can see there was a lot of money." He told her. She smiled and nodded.
They contined walking and Michael showed her around the rest of the yard. They stopped at the inground pool and watched as the breeze lightly grazed over the surface causing it to ripple. They stood side by side in silence. Olivia slowly backed up without Michael noticing and began to move behind him. Michael soon noticed what she was doing but chose to ignore her. Olivia put her hand just behind his back. She counted to three inside her head and gave him a push. He quickly grabbed her hand and they both went flying into the pool. Olivia came back up to the surface screaming, followed by laughter. "Hey!" She shouted. "What do you mean hey! You pushed me! Not to mention, it may have stopped snowing now, but it's not that warm yet!" Michael responded in laughter, surprised the pool wasn't more cold. "Did you know I was going to do that?" She asked. "I'll never tell." Michael teased her. He splashed Olivia and she tried to hide her face. Hours passed and the two were having so much fun they didn't even notice. "What is this?" Rosie came outside. "Oh, hey mom! We fell into the pool!" Olivia told a slight lie. "More like, she pushed me!" Michael confessed. "So I decided to take her with me!" He added. They began laughing. "Well that wasn't nice Liv. But as long as you two are having fun. It's 7 o'clock I'm going to go make dinner." Rosie said with a smile. "We're going to dry off and come help!" Olivia said.
They both got out of the pool dripping wet. Olivia shivered. "It's cold!" She exclaimed. He giggled, "well, Liv. For some odd reason, we were just in a pool!" He teased her. "Hush!" She playfully demanded. He obliged and then loudly bursted into laughter. "Since when do you order me around?" He asked with a playful smile. "Since I was forced to move into your house." She joked. "My house? It's mine, yet you order me around? Never!" He responded. He playfully nudged her. She returned a nudge. They both chuckled and began walking back to the house. "By the way Liv" Michael began saying as he opened the door for them to go inside, "you've just started a war. A water war. And trust me, I never lose." He continued. "Oh, yeah right. We'll see. There's a first for everything!" Olivia responded while laughing. Michael shook his head with a smile. Olivia went inside first as Michael held the door open. She went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel then made her way into her room. After she left the bathroom, Michael did the same.
Once the two were dried and changed, they met back up in the kitchen with Rosie. "Hey Momma. You need help now?" Olivia asked. "Why don't you and Michael set the table? I'm almost done now anyway." Rosie responded. They smiled. Olivia began wiping down the table as Michael grabbed 3 place mats, napkins and silverware. He brought it over and Olivia grabbed some. They set 3 places at the table. Once they finished, Rosie brought over a pan full of baked macaroni and a tray of fried chicken. "Listen sweetie, I know I have put you through some stuff this week so I wanted to make your favorite meal so you can enjoy at least something." Rosie told Olivia. Olivia smiled. "This smells amazing, Rosie. Thank you." Michael said with a smile. "Thank you, mom. It's all great!" Olivia said. Rosie smiled, "you're welcome!" She said to them both. They all sat down and enjoyed their meal. Michael and Olivia were silent as they quickly stuffed their mouths. "You two must have been starving!" Rosie exclaimed with a laugh. Neither of them spoke though. They just smiled and continued to eat.
When everyone finished their food, Michael cleaned up. He felt it was only right. He already felt guilty about not cooking them a meal himself. "I'd just like to thank you again, Rosie. It isn't your responsibility to take care of me at all. The food was delicious." He said. Rosie smiled, "I love cooking. It was no trouble at all. You're providing more than enough for us, cooking and cleaning is the least we can do for you, Michael." She responded. "It's nearly 9, I usually watch this show that comes on around then. Uh, master chef? It's a cooking show... well, it's rather competitive. Do you mind if I watch television?" Rosie asked. "Not at all. Please, make yourself right at home." Michael responded. They exchanged a friendly smile, and Rosie went off to watch her show. "I think I'm going to go enjoy the night sky for a bit." Olivia said with a smile. Michael smiled and followed her outside. They both took a seat inside the gazebo. It was February now, the snow had all melted away, and it was about 50° out most days and 40° by night. "It's so beautiful out here." Olivia said. "I come out here every night and just admire it." Michael admitted. "I can see why" olivia chuckled. Michael smiled while they both stared into the sky. Silence filled the air once more until Michael spoke up, "So, are we friends again? Are we on good terms now?". "Well, I did push you into a pool a week after the snow melted knowing it wasn't going to be all that warm, that screams enemies." Olivia teased him. "Honestly though, I think we're fine. As long as we know our place in each other's life. You know?" She continued. They smiled. "I honestly didn't think about how cold that water would be when I decided to push you inside of it." She said. "I know, trust me. I don't even know how we stayed in it for a while." Michael agreed. "I know! What's wrong with us?" Olivia teased. They shared a chuckle. "This is nice. I like living with you so far." Olivia admitted. "It's nice to have you here, Liv." Michael said. They sat in a comfortable silence and continued to admire the night. Olivia let out a yawn and Michael couldn't help but immitate it. "Yawning is so contagious!" He claimed. "Yeah right, you just want to be like me." Olivia teased. "Definitely, Liv. I'm so jealous that I haven't copied anything else today but that obnoxious yawn!" He teased her. "Hey! Obnoxious?" She asked. "I'm just kidding!" He said with a smile. "You better have been!" She demanded. "I think I'm going to head to bed. I'm gonna let my mom take the guest room. I'm sure she is already in there if her show is done! Do you mind if I sleep on the couch tonight?" Olivia asked. "Actually, yes. I do. You can sleep in my bed, I would never force you to sleep on the couch." Michael said. "Um, Michael. We already talked about this. And don't you think my mom would get suspicious if she saw us sle-" she was cut off. "Liv, no! I wouldn't sleep in there as well. You can have the bed tonight! Silly girl!" He laughed. "Oh!" She said with a sigh of relief. They made their way inside. Michael grabbed a spare pillow and blanket and set up his bed on the couch. Olivia stepped on the first stair step and turned to look at Michael. "Goodnight, Michael. Sweet dreams!" She said. "Goodnight, Olivia. Same to you!" He responded. They shared a smile and went off to bed. . .

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