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I was finally 17 after being 16 for like three years. My phone was blowing with calls and texts from everybody. I answered my family first before replying to the rest.

Wifey 💍🤞🏽: Happy Birthday Love! We've known each other not too long but I can't imagine not having you around ☹️ it's too early to say I love you so I like you veerrrry much ❤️ Enjoy your day baby.

Me: Thanks bae 😘 I like you veeerryyy much too monkeybutt 😂❤️ I'm coming to pick you up

Wifey 💍🤞🏽: I'm busy today Melly 😕 My mom wants me to help her with some work around the house, sorry baby ☹️

Me: It's my birthday Mekai, cancel it. Tell her you'll help another day

Wifey 💍🤞🏽: it's not that easy Melo she needs it done now. My aunts are coming to visit

Me: K

I was honestly pissed. I would've left something as simple as that for her birthday. I expected the same effort from her.

After being depressed for three minutes I walked outside.

"There's the birthday boy! Happy birthday son," My dad yelled.

I smiled and we did our handshake. My mom told me happy birthday as well and slid a cake next to me.

I blew the candles and ate my breakfast that was there.

"We'll be out today, sorry but we're going to miss a portion of your birthday," My dad explained.

"You guys too."

"What?" My mom asked confused.

"Mekai said she was busy too, it's my birthday you know," I sighed.


With that my mom and dad left. Here I was sitting alone on my birthday. Gelo and Zo made plans with me to eat. At least I had my brothers company.

I got ready while I waited for them to arrive. I got ready just in time and met them outside.

"Wassup with y'all ugly asses," I laughed dapping them up.

"It's not Halloween yet, why you dressed like a white thug?" Gelo snickered.

"Maybe I'll go as you this year but I don't know where to find a jumpsuit."

"Oooooooooo," Zo erupted in laughter.

"I know Lonzo ain't laughing with his dad headass," Gelo rolled his eyes.

We continued joking until we got to the restaurant. We ordered what we wanted and waited.

"I thought I was going to be lonely on my birthday."

"Where's Kai?" Zo asked.

"She's busy," I said adding air quotes to busy.

"I remembered when one of my ex's told me that. I got a video after that seeing how busy she was," Zo sighed.

"Kai ain't like that tho, she really likes your Melon head. Shocking," Gelo applauded.

"I trust her."

Our food and arrived and we ate. We talking for a bit before leaving.

"Why you not going home?" I asked Zo.

"You really thought we were taking you home on your birthday lil bro?"

I scratched my head and sat back. He drove to a miniature golf place.

"Let's get it!" Gelo shouted.

The boys somewhat ended up behind me while I walked into the building.


I laughed at how frightened I got. My entire family was there, including Mekai and her family.

Mekai ran up to me and gave me a hug.

"You really thought I was going to abandon you on your birthday?" She asked.

"Well I know now," I said kissing her.

I greeted everyone else while we took some pictures.

I didn't expect them to do all that. I really thought they were abandoning me.

"Let's get the birthday boy around the table for the cake," My grandma called.

I walked over and smiled for the camera.

I couldn't complain about anything.

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