♡ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ3:ʏᴀʏᴀ's ʙɪsᴄᴜɪᴛs♡

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(Y/n)'s POV
I woke up and went to the bathroom to take a shower

(Your outfit is up there☝)

I opened my door,I saw lightning going out of his room he spotted me then his nose started to bleed my eyes widened in shock

"A-are you ok?!"I asked while panicking inside"y-yeah!"he exclaimed while holding his nose"are you sure?"I asked once more"don't worry"he said in response

"What time is it?"I asked lightning"it's.....8:09"he said"oh thanks!"I said"where are the others?"I added"maybe at the shop,come on let's go"he said and held my hand then started walking I blushed and didn't say anything

We were at the shop then all of the elements were glaring at lightning while there eyes were twitching"are you guys ok?"I asked they nodded simultaneously"hey,Y/n!" ochobot came to me and gave me a drink"thanks"I thanked him for the drink he nodded and went back to work,I seated on a chair while looking at ochobot while he's working and then I sense something.....

"You must be boboiboy's friends?"I asked not even looking at them I heard them gasped and scilence filled the air until cyclone introduced me to them

"This is (y/n),she's the girl that grandad was talking about!"cyclone said in joy I turned to them and smiled

"Sorry if I scared you or anything,the real thing is I can sense your presence"I exclaimed while giggling a little

"My name's Yaya!"the girl who weared a pink hijab said and smiled I smiled back in response

"And I'm ying!"the girl who had two pig tails exclaimed

"And I'm gopal!, boboiboy's best friend forever"he shouted

"I'm fang the most popular boy in the world!"he said

"Most popular boy........I thought natsu or even laxus.....wait! Even gray!"my mind was gonna explode

"There from a wizard guilt right!"ying and yaya said in unison"yeah,there my friend's-"I got cut off by gopal

"FAIRY TAIL IS THE MOST AWESOME GUILD!"gopal screamed in our faces

"Wait how do you even know them?are you in fairy tail?"fang asked"well yeah!"I exclaimed fang almost chocked"really!"gopal and ying,Yaya said

"Yup"I said in response"here have this then"Yaya said and gave me a pack of biscuits"for me"I asked while holding them"yeah I hope you like them!"she said while smiling

I opened it and saw the others signaling me to not eat it until solar fainted dramatically and quake catched him solar opened his eyes still looking at me I took a bit of it but it won't budge so I popped it in my mouth a chewed it my eyes turned white I almost vomited because of that luckily ochobot gave me a glass of water

"How was it?"Yaya asked in excitement oh god! What should I say"t-their...r-really delicious!!"I said still holding my face

"Thanks!"yaya said in joy all of the elements and gopal and fang even ying dragged me out of yaya's sight

"What's wrong?"I asked out of the blue"we tried to warn you!"fang whispered-screamed"but I didn't know that it will taste like that!"I replied"now,now!"ying tried to stop us"who are you guys talking about?"Yaya asked out of nowhere"o-oh! We w-were just asking something!"gopal made something up"oh!ok"Yaya said and walked away"but seriously,why don't you just tell her!"I said while my arms were crossed"she's like a lion!"gopal and fang started to shake in fear"well Erza was called Titania or as may others say queen of the fairies"I explained they were speechless"Erza is stronger than Yaya!"I added

The sun was going down and ying,yaya,gopal and fang went home while grandad and ochobot were still at the shop while me and the elements were walking home

"I had fun today!, except when I ate yaya's biscuits"I pouted at the last part while the elements were laughing at me until they glared at each other and started fighting except for solar

"Shall we go?"solar asked as he held my hand I blushed and nodded he smirked and turned to the other's they glarred at him

Night time
All of the others were on there own rooms,I was about to go to my room until lightning dragged me to his room"wha-where are you taking me?"I asked while blushing"your sleeping with me"he boldly declared while smirking

I was on his bed while he was on the other side of it,I was closing me eyes until he pulled me closer my head was facing his chest while his head was on top of my head while petting me it was so warm so I fell asleep

Lightning's POV
She feels so warm.....I hear her cute snores I chuckled and continued petting her head,I bet the others are glaring at me now butter enjoy this now,I slowly drifted to sleep still petting her head while I'm asleep.

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