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ybncordae, babvy.jasx and 790,280 others
theshaderoom: Happy birthday to both #jas and #Cordae. While #jas is turning 18, #Cordae is turning 21. He can have fun with liquor now, but i dont encourage it😂. Anyways much love for you both. Have an amazing birthday.🎉

ybncordae: thank you😁

babvy.jasx: thanxxxx😊

User1: happy birthday🎉💙

User2: happy birthday🎉😊💘

User3: happy birthday🎉💕💞

User4: happy birthday🎉💖

User5: happy birthday🎉🏆

User6: happy birthday🎉💪🏾

User7: happy birthday🎉🏅

User8: happy birthday🎉🎊

User9: happy birthday🎉🎈

User10: happy birthday🎉💯

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