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Selene - Megan Fox
Aphrodite - Ylenia Riniti
Thalia - Natalia Love
Skye - Shay Mitchell

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The Vampire Queen



"Oh my lord shut the fuck up." I say banging my alarm clock making it drop to the floor. It was 6:30 am. I groaned getting up and dragging my feet towards the bathroom.

My tired mood was only temporary, as soon as the hot water touched my face it was like I was wide awake. And I hated it because then I had no excuse to not face the real world.

But then the doorbell rang. Skye probably had already left and nobody really visits unless she's here. But then it kept ringing over and over again. I was in no rush to open the door, I didn't like talking to anyone.

I had finished my shower and was fully clothed and for the whole time the doorbell was going off. I sighed as I ran downstairs and opened the door in anger.

"You do reali-" I stopped mid sentence when a tall tanned girl with short raven black hair stood in front of me. I starred into her blue eyes which held me captivated. Her perfect pink lips curved from the straight line they were in, and into a smile. She was gorgeous.

And then a girl only an inch shorter than her jumped out from behind her. "Hello new friend!" She beams showing her white teeth and beautiful smile. I could tell she was way friendlier than the tanned beauty in front of me.

"Uh-" I managed to choke out.

"Told you she would be speechless if we just randomly showed up, Skye did say she was shy."

"You know Skye?"

"Yea." She stepped closer to me displacing the other girl. "I'm Thalia."


"Oh we know." She smiled.


"Well...if we could come in it'd be easier to tell you everything."

"Oh yea, if you guys know Skye then I guess it's okay."

Thalia tilts her head to the side and smiled skipping inside, I watched in confusion as her curls bounced up and down and she planted herself on one of the sofas.

And then the quiet girl walks in and the strong smell of lavender wafts past me as she sat on Skye's favourite arm chair.

I closed the door and sat beside Thalia.

"I'll let Aphrodite explain. She's the one that's good with the details and shit."

"Thanks, so that means you can finally shut up."

I don't know why but my heart sped up hearing her angelic voice. I might not have talked to much people but that didn't stop me from hearing millions of voices, but hers...it was so soft and soothing even if she was being rude to Thalia.

No wonder she's called Aphrodite.

"Before I tell you what I'm about to say, I want you to forget absolutely everything you think you know."

I didn't trust her. After all she was a stranger that randomly showed up at my house and now she's telling me to forget everything I think I know. Something about her made me do it anyway.

I nodded, complying.

"Everything you know about yourself and your family. It's all a lie. The 18 years you've lived your life in this realm, it was only to hide you, wait until it was time for your powers to re awaken so you could take back your throne."


"You're not human. Your parents are still alive. And your the most wanted of our kind."

"Why what did I even do?"

"It's not what you did, it's what your parents did."

"I'm still not understanding."

"OO! OO! OO! CAN I TELL HER THE BACKSTORY!" Thalia jumped up raising and waving her hands in the air.

Aphrodite sighs deeply in annoyance, rolling her eyes. "Yes Thal."

"Shotgun !!"

She turned to me smiling. "Goodnight!" She placed her hand on my forehead and boom.

Hello darkness my old friend...


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