Chapter 10; Welcome Home, Liv

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Recap; "So Liv, I have news." Her mother said. Olivia looked at her signaling for her to continue talking. "We are no longer moving and it's all thanks to Mr. Jackson!" She continued. Olivia choked on a piece of cake. "Oh sweetie, are you okay?" Her mother asked while patting her back. She nodded. "I lost my appetite. I don't feel so well. What exactly do you mean, mom?" Olivia asked while glancing over at a gleeful and smiling Michael. "We are going to be moving in with Mr. Jackson, Liv! You can stay here now!" Her mother said. . .

~Moving Day; End Of The Week~

Olivia sealed her very last box shut and looked around her newly empty room. She wasn't in this house long, but it still upset her to up and leave so soon. Especially since she was moving in with Michael. "Olivia! Let's go! Bring the last few boxes down, the truck is running!" Rosie called out. She snapped back into reality and let out a heavy sigh. "Alright, mom!" Olivia shouted downstairs. Two light knocks could be heard on Olivia's opened door. "Hey, Liv. I figured you might need some help." Triniti said with a smile. "Oh thank goodness you're here. I'm so stressed. I cannot believe I'm going to be living with Michael. This is a nightmare." Olivia said. "Just think of all the rumours." Triniti began saying. "Oh, uh, I mean. No girl, It'll be okay." She continued. Olivia chuckled and rolled her eyes, "You're not wrong though." She replied. The girls grabbed the boxes and brought them downstairs. They put them in the truck. Rosie shut the moving truck up and locked it. "You ready, Liv?" She asked. Olivia forced a smile but did not say a word. "Well, I'll meet you there girl, okay?" Triniti broke the silence. "Oh, Liv, go with your friend so she doesn't get lost!" Rosie said. Olivia followed Triniti to her car and waited for her mom to leave first. "So can we get some coffee first?" Olivia asked. Triniti laughed and stopped at their favorite coffee shop before going to Michael's house.
When they pulled up outside of Michael's house, Olivia let out another heavy sigh. Michael walked out of the front door with a smile. "He can't help but be cute. I'm still mad at him though." Olivia admitted. Triniti laughed. "You're something else, girl." She said. Olivia smirked. "Living here is going to be hard. I don't constantly want to be by him everyday. That's why I quit working for him. My mother is crazy, Trin." Olivia vented. Triniti shook her head. They both got out of Triniti's car and Michael walked over. "Hello Triniti, hello Olivia." He softly greeted them. Olivia got butterflies but quickly shook them away. As they all stood there, Rosie pulled into the driveway. Michael's house wasn't secluded, but he didn't have houses directly next to his house either. There was a lot of room. He had a trampoline and an in ground pool in his yard. He had a garage big enough to park 2 cars inside. His house is just below what a mansion looks like. Olivia couldn't help but wonder where and how he got so much money. She knew it wasn't her business though so she didn't stress about it.
The three walked over to the moving truck. Michael opened the truck and grabbed 2 boxes. Wow, he's so strong, Olivia thought to herself. They all began unpacking the boxes and putting them into what were to be Rosie and Olivia's rooms. It took them about 45 minutes to an hour to fully unpack the truck. Rosie hired a man who'd be driving a seperate truck that had their beds inside of it. Unfortunately it wouldn't arrive til tomorrow so Rosie and Olivia would have to make do until then. Olivia and Triniti went into Olivia's new room which still remained on the second floor of the house. Once they got in there, Olivia moved and stacked all of her boxes on one side of her room. "I can't wait for them to bring my bed, girl." Olivia said. Triniti was only half listening. She was admiring the size of the room instead. "Yeah. Um, Liv? This room is huge! He really does like you, huh?" Triniti said. "Okay, one, Shut up. Two, you didn't even listen to wh-" Olivia began before she was cut off. "Look at this closet!" Triniti said. Olivia had a walk in closet. It was like another mini room. There were shelves on the lower half of three out the 4 walls for shoes, on the top there were bars for hangers and clothes. In the middle of the room their was a dresser with drawers on each side for folded laundry and on top of the dresser there was space for accesories. Olivia had yet to see this so she didn't mind when Triniti interrupted her this time. "Wow. I don't think my pathetic things need this much space." She joked. Triniti laughed. "Can I have it?" She said in admiration and jealousy. "Never!" Olivia said. Triniti smirked. "Fine! Now what were you saying?" She asked. "We should unpack." Olivia answered. The girls began unpacking Olivia's things and putting them where Olivia saw fit.
The girls got down to one final box before Rosie called out to them. "Girls! Come eat something, you've been in there for hours." She called out. "We've only got one box left and then we will be down!" Olivia responded. "Alright, sweetie! Meet us in the gazebo. I made lemonade and Michael made some sandwiches. They're delicious!" Rosie responded. The girls chuckled and hurried up so they could go eat. It took them about 10 more minutes and they rushed downstairs. "Okay! We are hungry!" Olivia said as they walked into the yard. Michael and Rosie were sitting on 2 wicker chairs at a glass table. Olivia and Triniti rushed over to sit down and eat. "So, Liv, do you like your room?" Rosie asked. "It's beautiful, I love it." Michael smiled to himself at her comment. "I hope you two like the sandwiches. I never really have company so I never get to make food for people." Michael said. "They're good Michael. Thank you" Olivia said in a dry tone. Tension filled the air between them. "They're more than good, Liv. Don't lie!" Triniti joked in an attempt to ease the tension. "They're very tasty, Mr. Jackson!" She truthfully added. Michael smirked. Olivia's dry tone hurt and annoyed him but he brushed it off.
Everyone finished up the food until the sandwich plate and the lemonade pitcher were completely empty. Rosie and Michael gathered the dishes and brought everything inside. Triniti and Olivia remained at the table. "Well Liv, I should get going. I've got to be home before dinner today. My parents have people coming over and they want me there. But hey, I'll text you, and I'll try to come see you tomorrow, okay?" Triniti said. She got up from her chair and made her way inside to say goodbye. A few minutes later the door opened and Olivia looked over to see Michael walk out. He joined Olivia at the table and let out a sigh while he admired the nature. "Well, welcome home, Liv." He said in a soft but sweet tone. Olivia continued to stare off into the yard. No more words had been exchanged between the two. They continued to sit in silence . . .

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