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dear namjoonie hyung,

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dear namjoonie hyung,

you're the first person i've ever loved. i always thought that it was just platonic love, until i asked my mum the other day and she said that people don't normally want to kiss and hold their friend's hand. so yeah i guess i love you.

you have such a cute smile and i love your little dimples !! next time i see you i'm going to poke them :) i'm also going to squish your cheeks and give you a big hug (but you won't know because you won't read this letter haha).

it's probably weird that i feel this way about you especially because we've been friends for a million trillion years since we were like three or whatever. it's lucky my mum and your mum are friends otherwise we'd never have known each other!

school is boring but being with you makes it so fun :> the little pictures you draw in my maths book are so cute and you always make up fun pretend games to play at break. my favourite was when i was the mum and you were the dad and jungkook was our son haha. i liked it because i got to hold your hand lots :)

whenever you have a sick day or it's the weekend or you can't come to my house after school i get really sad because i like to spend time with you. you make everything fun, even eating gross vegetables (which is why i think my mum likes you so much because i actually eat them when you're around). you also have really nice hair.

i hope you never ever see this until we're like 100 years old and we can laugh about it together because we'll be married and have three kids and a dog. we will laugh because it's like we were always meant to be together since we were kids lol. i hope we can call our dog peter like yours was because whenever you saw peter you were really happy and it was cute. then he died and you were sad and i don't like it when you're sad.

be happy hyung! i think i really like you.
lots of love, jimin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(that's how many kisses i'm going to give you when we're married)
(p.s i'm seven now. if future jimin or namjoon is reading this then GO AWAY!!!!! you're not allowed to look at this until you're grown up and married. >:| )

hdjsks this was really fun to write :') if you haven't already, i'd really recommend reading to all the boys i've loved before or watching the movie on netflix because it's just so cute i love it uwu

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