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Going into my own little office Every day was strange. My brother and I were basically celebrities to these people. I got a nice office with a view of the city, big windows and all the privacy I wanted. Natasha didn't care. I walked in every morning to her already in the chair.

" Cute outfit." She said, her feet on my desk, " Told you I had good taste."

I had to agree. It was hard to adjust to 2014 and the clothes that were normal for women, but Nat liked shopping for me. I usually wore what she gave me

" These jeans are too tight." I teased.

" You've got the worlds best thighs and butt. Embrace it. I have to pick your twin up in an hour."

" What now?"

" Just some pirates taking some of our guys hostage. Nothing Captain America can't fix."

I smiled, " Have fun."

" You need to start coming out with us again. We could use another super solider."

" Lets not give my brother a stroke today. I'm meeting Tony for lunch and that's all the excitement I need for today."

" Good grief." Nat laughed, " I'm shocked he can't stand Steve and adores you."

" Being compared to Steve your whole life would suck. Howard loved him. And you can't compare your son to a pretty blonde lady."

She stood up, " Coffee is in your favorite mug. Are we still on for this weekend?"

Natasha and I didn't have any other female friends. Girls didn't like us, so we hung around each other. She likes doing girl things with me. Teaching me about makeup and flirting with guys, which severely helps with my job.

" Absolutely."

She sighed in relief, " You are such a better shopping buddy than Clint."

" Clint doesn't know how to dress himself."

" Valid. I'll see you tomorrow, beauty."

" Bye, Nat."


Tony Stark paraded into my office 10 minutes before I was leaving to meet him.

" Hello, Miss America." He beamed, " I didn't feel like being seen today, so we're having takeout."

" You bought it, I'm not complaining."

" You're looking especially muscular today. New workout? Jujitsu?"

" Very big trainees." I smiled, taking the food from him, " Now, what is this lunch date for?"

" No small talk?" He pouted, " I never see you, not since Steve banned you from the field."

" Steve didn't ban me from anything. A moody God from outer space did."

He nodded, " That's valid. But sure. Business. I need you to get me some information with those pretty blue eyes."

I groaned, " Considering how pretty Pepper is, you'd think she could make deals for you."

" Pepper hates men, including me. Plus, you've got the timeless, kind of old lady charm. Natasha is too scary."

" You're an ass."

He shrugged, " It's my thing. Please. This guy works at a bar downtown. He's been creeping around the Avengers Tower. Not like an excited fan. He's writing stuff down. Entrances, cameras on the outside. I don't wanna make a big deal, yet."

" So you want me to flirt with him until I find out what?"

" Yeah. Kiss him a little bit. Go back to his apartment, steal the notebook and leave. I know that does against your code." He picked up the picture frame on my desk.

A lot of people thought it was sad I didn't date. Half the office was in love with me, Captain Rodgers, strongest woman alive. Dating right now was probably the worst thing I could do. I took the picture back, sighing at the sight of Bucky and I, " Tony, I don't wanna fight this guy?"

" No fighting necessary. Unless he tries to hurt you. I just need that notebook, okay?"

" What if this guy is just a weirdo who's obsessed with us?"

Tony raised an eyebrow, " Us? Didn't think you still liked to be called an Avenger."

" You know what I mean, Tony. Whatever. Steve will be gone all night anyways. I guess I have nothing else to do."

" You're a gem, Marilyn Rodgers." 

" I know."


The dude was a greaseball. Tony had one of his body guards follow me, just incase. It was a long night of flirting, doing shots of alcohol that had no affect on me, and pretending to be drunk. I learned a lot about this guy in a few hours. His name was Brent. He was 30 and had a strong opinion on the Avengers. He thought they were phonies. I'm flattered.

He got off of work at 10, and I convinced him to take me home. Nat was a great teacher. I stumbled to his car, still trying to sell the act. " Shit." He said, " Forgot my phone, you can wait here, gorgeous."

" I'll be here." I giggled.

He wandered away, and I instantly began rummaging thought his car. I searched, eventually finding a notebook. I opened it, seeing lots of little notes. Stark in living room every night, clear shot 300 feet. Weak points on east side, windows breakable, throw grenades after shooting out. He was planning a god damn terrorist attack. 

The notebook was snatched from me, " You weren't supposed to see that. How about we-"

I kicked him in the face, grabbing his arm and flipping him onto his back. The wind was knocked out of him. I put my foot on his chest, " Stay down, trust me. It'll hurt less."

I dialed Tony on my phone. " Marilyn, darling. What's going on?"

" He wanted to attack the tower. Shoot you. Big political statement because we're phonies."

" I'll be there in 5 minutes."

" You-re..." Brent gasped, " You're an Avenger?"

" No more questions."

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