Chapter 22: My Little Bundle of Joy (Part 1)

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   Y/N's POV

   It had been a few months since I had found out I was pregnant, and it was the day of my appointment. Ya know, to make sure the baby was okay and not suffocating.

  And I had been reminded of that in a very unpleasant way.

   I was dead asleep, breathing steadily, when...

   "Y/N!" Thomas said, shaking me.

   I jumped as my eyes flew open. I sighed, wiping the drool off my mouth. "What?" I snapped.

   He chuckled. "Did you really forget?"

   I sighed, rubbing my temples. "Damn it, Thomas. I'm not really in the mood to be left hanging here. What am I forgetting?"

   Thomas placed his hands firmly on my shoulders. "You have your appointment today!" Thomas said, smiling. "For the baby!" He lightly rubbed the bump that had been forming on my stomach.

   "Jesus, that's right," I groaned. "Do you remember why I made my appointment so early?" I asked, remembering my appointment time was 8:00.

   "Well, if I recall correctly," Thomas started, trying to remember what I had said, "you said that not a lot of people would book their appointments that early, so by making the appointment at 8:00, you wouldn't gave to wait; you'd get taken right in."

   I blinked at him. "Wow. Did I really say it that proper?"

   He rolled his eyes. "Just get ready."

   I nodded, rubbing my eyes. I looked up and Thomas was still standing there. "Are you gonna leave me to get ready?"

   Thomas pouted. "Why, can I not watch~?"

   I rolled my eyes and stood up, shoving him out of our room and shutting the door on his face. He laughed slightly.

   I chuckled at him and looked in my closet for something descent to wear. "Hmm...what do we have here..?" I said to no one in particular. My eyes continued to scan my clothes, and they stopped on a s/f/c (second favorite color) dress that looked like it would go down to my knees. I smiled and slipped it on.

   After I was done putting the dress on, I realized there was a zipper on the back. I blushed, knowing I couldn't zip it on my own. So I sighed in defeat and called Thomas. "Hey, baby?"

   Somehow he had heard me through the door, because I heard a distant voice yell, "Yes, Y/N?"

   I opened the door so he could hear me better. "Can you zip up my dress?" I asked awkwardly.

   I could practically see the smirk on Thomas' face from another floor as he yelled back, "Gladly! I'll be right up!"

   I chuckled, rolling my eyes. I sat on the bed while I waited for him.

   I heard rapid thumping, so I assumed Thomas was meming up the stairs. I chuckled as he came into the room, panting.

   I stood up and turned around so he could zip me up. 

   Thomas slid his hands through the dress so he could touch my back.

   I squeaked in surprise and whirled around to face the hairy kiwi. "No! Just zip me up! That's all I ask of you!"

   Thomas sighed. "You're no fun~," he said, zipping up the dress.  

   I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, sure." I stood up, but caught him putting his hands on my hips.


   He laughed, releasing me. "Fine. But you have to promise that you'll make it up to me later~."


   Thomas cut me off by running downstairs. I rolled my eyes and began to brush my hair.

***Time skip brought to you by eating food and getting ready***

   I was in Thomas' carriage, a bit nervous if my baby was okay. But my thoughts were interrupted by Thomas touching my baby bump. "Hey, baby girl! It's your Dad, Tommy! I love you so much," he cooed to my bump. I pulled away, blinking dramatically.

   "What?" Thomas asked, tilting his head.


   "Y/N NO--"

   I cut Thomas off by laughing a bit, and I joined in. After that we were silent for a bit, and then I heard Thomas mutter, "I really hope it's a girl."

   I smiled softly. I didn't really have a preference to what gender the baby was. As long as it was healthy, that would be enough for me.

   We got to the doctor's office that would be doing the ultrasound.

   (I know that ultrasounds weren't invented then, but whatever.)

   Get your facts straight, author.

   (Y/N! What did I say about breaking the fourth wall?)

   And what did I say about acting like modern items were invented in the 1700s?


   Thomas got out of the carriage first, offering me his hand. "Be careful getting out. Wouldn't want you to fall."

   I smiled softly and took his hand, getting out also.

   Thomas and I then started to walk to the doctor's office. Once we got in there, I checked in and sat down.


   A bit later, the doctor called my name. I smiled at Thomas and we both stood up.

   We went into the room and the doctor put that jelly thing on my stomach with...the...device..? I have no idea what it's called, and then the screen turned on, showing us all my baby.

   (Get your facts straight, Y/N.)


   (Okay, I'm sorry.)

   As the doctor moved the device across my stomach, I could see her smiling.

   There was a few more minutes of this, until she took the device off, and the screen went blank.

   The doctor turned to me, a large smile on her face. "Congratulations. Your baby girl is extremely healthy."

   I tried to suppress a laugh as I looked over at Thomas, knowing what his reaction was gonna be.

  He was still, his mouth open slightly. Then he started jumping up and down repeatedly. "YES! I HAVE A GIRL! I HAVE A GIRL! I HAVE A--"

   "Thank you, doctor," I said, cutting Thomas off with a glare.

   Thomas returned the dirty look, and I could tell he was trying not to smile.

   "You're welcome," the doctor smiled, getting up. "Have a nice day!" She walked out, leaving us to walk out as well.

   I stood up and grabbed Thomas' hand, leading him out of the building. "I'm gonna be a dad to a baby girl," I heard Thomas mutter to himself.

   I smiled, getting back into the carriage, Thomas following suit.

   "And I'm gonna be a mother," I whispered quietly to myself, rubbing my bump. "My little bundle of joy..."

   Then we ride back home, grateful that our baby wasn't suffocating.

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