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Just as I entered the pharmacy I heard the bell chime. I turned to see Beverly Marsh behind me. "Oh, hi! Iris, right?" I nodded, trying to get out of the conversation by walking swiftly to the feminine hygiene aisle. Nobody wants to talk in that aisle. Unfortunately, she was heading to the same place. Her voice lowered to a whisper. "Umm— sorry to ask, but which do you usually get?" I stared into her soul. "Don't you have a mother to tell you this?" Her expression darkened. "I was trying to be friendly here, but I guess that's not what you want to do." She grabbed a random box to which I pointed out, "those are pregnancy tests." She shoved it back onto the shelf. I grabbed a box and handed it to her. It was what my mom first got me. She smiled slightly and walked to the next aisle.

I walked up to the counter and greeted Mr. Keene. "Iris? I just have you the refill two days ago." Confusion was written across his face. "She uh— she flushed her pills." He smiled softly and nodded. I handed him the empty bottle and prescription paper. He took the bottle to the back and came back a minute later with the full bottle of lithium. "Hey, thanks for understanding." He nodded. "It happens sometimes. Just remember to put them where she can't get to them." I nodded and waved before heading outside.

"Hey! Weird girl that for some reason likes Bill! What's up?" I turned to see Richie and Ben Hanscom (who was pretty calm for somebody who was bleeding out). "What's going on? You got attacked?" Ben nodded and smiled half-heartedly. "Henry Bowers." He lifted his shirt so that I could see the bloody carving of an 'H'. "He did that to you?" I asked in disbelief. "Yeah— I'm okay, if that's what you're worried about." I laughed. "That's gonna be a nasty scar. Badass though." He nodded. "That's what's keeping me from freaking out." I frowned. "Won't your mom like— have a heart attack if you come home like that?" He shrugged. "Most likely... that's why I'm not telling her." I scoffed. "Lucky duck, you are." I grabbed my bike from the rack and sat on it, my chin resting on the handle bars. "Who are we waiting for?" Richie stood up and peeked through the window. "The gang— they're coming now." Bill and the rest of them walked out— followed by Beverly Marsh...

"Ben from soc?" She asked with a small laugh.

I then witnessed Ben trying to act 'suave' in front of her. It was kind of hilarious.

But I realized then, that there was no way in hell Bill could've liked me. I noticed because of the way he looked at Beverly. The way he talked to her. How he invited her to the quarry— something he hadn't even thought about with me.

Beverly Marsh... had two guys going after her. Unfortunately, she was probably gonna end up with Bill because people would rather be with someone attractive then nice and interesting.

I didn't even know why I liked Bill.

I slumped down next to Richie who patted me on the shoulder. "It's okay. You'll find somebody else." He wasn't reassuring at all. He never was good at that.

"Yeah I gotta go... I'll see you at the quarry." I turned my bike around and pedaled off to my house. I only stopped when I saw Donny and Henry in the alleyway sharing a cigarette. "Donny!" I called to him. He quickly threw the cigarette on the ground and ran over to me. "What are you doing over here." He was referring to that side of town. It was a shortcut to our house— but sketchy as hell. Not to mention it was a direct path to Neibolt: the creepy ass house where all the junkies and crackheads sleep.

"I have to get home fast. I got the pills and it's almost time for her to take them." He frowned and nodded. "I need you to be home soon. I'm going out in a few minutes." He scoffed. "With who? Nobody wants to go out with your ass." I sighed. "Just— Stop, please. I have to go."

As I passed by Neibolt, I had a sudden urge to stop. I knew deep down I didn't want to, but I couldn't control myself. I tossed my bike down and walked up the stairs so that I was standing right in front of the door.

The door creaked open and at first, I couldn't see anything. When my eyes adjusted, I saw what appeared to be a clown dragging a body across the hall. It's head spun backwards to face me.

My heart stopped.

Then it started beating like crazy.

I sprinted away from the house to my bike and pedaled away as fast as I could. That thing would haunt my nightmares.

When I reached my house and twisted the door handle, the door was already open. It was quiet and dark. When the couch came into view, I saw the lump covered by a soft blanket.

"Mommy." I said softly. She didn't move. "Mom— you've gotta take these. I know you don't want them—" she shoved me away. "Mom." I heard footsteps. "Dad— I shoulda been watching her. I'm sorry she dumped them but I got new ones—" he pushed my hands away and nodded. "It's okay, honey." He smiled softly. "My friends asked me if I could go to the quarry right about now. I don't have to go though—" he sighed and grabbed the pills from my hand. "I got it. You can go."

I hesitantly walked into my bedroom and rummaged through my dresser until I found my swimsuit. Crossing my fingers that it still fit, I slipped out of my clothes and tried to put it on. It was similar to a romper. It was a one piece with a thin strap behind the neck. Lucky for me, it still fit. I slipped on flannel shirt over it and slipped my flip flops on before running outside to my bike.

Once I got to the quarry, I noticed the five boys were already there. Beverly was too, sporting a brand new haircut. The boys hadn't seen her yet. She turned to me and put a finger to her lips. I watched carefully, unsure if she was going to push one of them off or something (that would've been pretty messed up).

"I'll go." She announced. The boys turned around and watched her slip her dress off and get a running start. She jumped off the cliff and it was a few seconds before I heard a splash down below.

The boys stared at me expectantly. I tucked my hair behind my ears and slipped off the flannel shirt, tossing it aside. I kicked off my flip flops and walked over to the group of boys, arms crossed. "Who's going next?" Richie shrugged and grabbed Eddie (who was rambling about the barrens and AIDS) and jumped off with him. I heard the splash. "Come on guys! The water's fine!" Beverly yelled up. I exchanged a look with Ben— who looked uncertain. Bill sighed under his breath and finally jumped into the water, Stanley following soon after.

Ben sighed. "I always hate this part." I told him. "Last time I came here I almost died." He frowned and looked at me. "Drowning?" I shrugged. "Something like that." He nodded. "Let's jump together." I suggested. "Okay." He responded, walking backwards a little. "Take my hand?" He laughed softly. "Yeah." He grabbed my sweaty hand and we got a running start.

Before I knew it, we had hit the water.

"Took you long enough." Richie mumbled. I slapped his arm. "I'll take as long as I like." He rolled his eyes.

"Chicken?" He asked. I nodded. "There's seven of us, though. I can sit out first round." I said stepping aside. Somebody hopped on someone else's shoulders.

In the end, we played three rounds and I won two. So whoever said I couldn't do it can suck my—

Well— you know.

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