21.1 Year anniversary

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We gone switch this shit up!

TODAY'S THE DAY!!! I can't believe that me and Camila lasted for a fucking year.Yesterday it took all the power in my will to keep my hands off her, I was so damn eager to rip her clothes off, man fuck this stupid agreement, you know when you just want someone so badly even just seeing them smile or something turns you on, that's how I feel about Camila. We've agreed to not talk over the phone and she'll be here to pick me up at 7 pm, I still haven't spoken to my mom since she left and I honestly didn't care, not like she'll care if her baby lost her virginity. Talking about sex I actually did my research and boy was I shocked, I was shocked at the tips that Dinah and Lauren gave me, but when I went into depth with it I was like holy shit that's fucking crazy.The past days have been great so far, I am quite nervous about tonight and I am a top, so I guess that's good news for Camila, it's like it doesn't even matter what happens, I just want her to feel good, there's nothing else that can outdo great passionate love making.And this is coming from a virgin.

Right now it's 2:00pm and I'm just chilling getting shit ready for tonight, we've agreed that were giving one of our presents when she's at the door, and the other one at the date, it's killing me that I don't know what she's done for the date, that shit pisses me off. Curious is one word to describe me, but I guess that's just me, everything's seems to be running smoothly but I just simply don't know what to wear, and i know you're probably thinking lke wtf cause I've only got a few hours but honestly I could go in a bra and panties and she wouldn't even mind, if anything she'll just be turned on, and I'm okay with that.For the presents I had to be mad creative in such a short time, yesterday I made a gallery for Camila, it's like a book and when you open the pages and it shows our relationship progressing for the past year with pictures, it's fucking adorable. I also got her a picture frame and it has pictures of us around the perimeter and a message in the middle.

 I also got her a picture frame and it has pictures of us around the perimeter and a message in the middle

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The message said
I'll never forget the time I laid my eyes on you, that is one day I'd love to go back to.
We've been through so much together babe and I'll never forget how amazing you are, you hold my heart and I hope that we stay together forever, cause you're my forever.

A/N: Aww that's adorable

I smiled at the message and ran my fingers over the engraved words.Shit I keep losing focus, okay yes the outfit, I went upstairs and looked through my closet, I really need to get my shit together.

1 hours later......

There's legit clothes everywhere, I've been procrastinating like crazy and currently I'm lying in bed with no shirt on.I'm just chilling on my bed looking at food porn,and you can't blame me cause we both know you be watching food porn at like 12 am. That was until I realised it was fucking 3:00pm, SHIT I need to hop in the shower ASAP.

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