Where I've Been

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I know I disappeared guys but I've been back on campus for a week today. Classes started today, I got a second job and had training for that, I moved into my new apartment, and I have a lot going on with my sorority. Luckily, I only have classes on Monday and Wednesday, so I'll try to update since there's a long weekend with Labor Day on Monday.

And anybody who I told I'd read some of their stories, sorry it's taking so long lol But I remember who you are and I'll be reading within the upcoming days!

Sorry to post a whole part in this book about this but for some reason, Wattpad wouldn't let me write it on my profile and notify you guys like I normally do, so I had to write it like this. 

Have you guys already started school? Or what are you guys up to if you aren't in school?

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